Star Wars Secrets You Might Of Not Known

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Star Wars is a sci fi film that’s amassed a reputation for being the most legendary of its kind. Unbelievable efforts behind the scenes were made in order to bring people’s dreams to live. The merchandise has captivated many fans and collectors from around the world. It’s possible that even the government might have taken it a little too seriously. From secret projects that seemed to resemble things out of the film, to harsh weather conditions on set, here are secrets about star wars.

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5. Star Wars Project
Is it just slightly a coincidence that not too long after the film star wars was released, our government started becoming more and more concerned about attacks from outer space? In the 1980’s, Ronald Reagan was looking for any way possible to prevent America from becoming a victim of a nuclear attack. This was known as the Star Wars Project and it included the nuclear laser beam put into space. Sound kind of familiar? Not only that, they tested out 747’s equipped with laser beams to see if that would work to against Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. But it turns out that this idea didn’t work since the plane would have to get extremely close to not only the missile in order for it to be effective. They also wanted to fit naval ships to fire rocket interceptors but this would mean changing out the guns and it’s began to get overwhelmingly expensive. It’s estimated that the Star Wars Project cost taxpayers roughly 17 billion dollars and there still doesn’t seem to be anything that we know of that works. In any case though, it seemed like the government was getting a little bit too excited about starwars and much laser research was done.

4. Yoda Time Traveller
Star Wars fans might have not even heard of the Smithfield Decretals which was a pretty mysterious book, displaying various characters, but could we see yoda being depicted here in this photo? If it weren’t for the bizarre mysterious illustrations this book wouldn’t be quite as mysterious. The smithfield Decretals was ordered as a book for common law by Pope Gregory during the 13th century. It’s probably the photos of homicidal maniac rabbits that might make people a little bit confused, like we see in this photo. British scholars noted that Stars wars fans might get excited when they see a medieval version of some yoda looking creature. Some would claim the strange illustrations are supposed to depict the world upside down or an opposite world that would exist without law. We imagine one in opposite world would this fox be preaching to birds rather than eating them.

3. Who Is Yoda Anyways
One of the biggest mysteries about star wars appears to be the true origins of Yoda. The species of whatever yoda is supposed to be, has still remained a mystery. George lucas even admitted that “he has no background, he comes and goes, He’s subversive, secret, mysterious stranger that enters the end of the film”. Some would believe he’s an elf while others believe he’s the illegitimate child between ms piggy and kermit the frog. That’s sort of an interesting statement considering how in the Smithfield Decretals he’s displayed with webbed hands. Or maybe he’s just a dog like we see in this photo!

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