St Anselm was one of the most influential Christians of the last 1,000 years. But who was he and what did he believe?

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Being a Christian isn’t just about believing ‘in the Bible’, or ‘in the Church’. Although these are two of the pillars of our faith, what we believe about the Bible, the Church, sacraments, worship, prayer and much more, has been shaped by generations of believers before us.

Many Christians will have heard of Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin and Wesley. They’ll be familiar with DL Moody, Billy Graham and those people who shaped doctrine and practice in the modern day.

But a less well-known name is that of Anselm of Canterbury – truly one of the most influential Christians of the past 1,000 years. St Anselm (as he became) died on this day, April 21,1109, at around 78 years of age. Today is still marked as his feast day by

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