Snacks You Can’t Get Anymore!

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Snacks You Can’t Get Anymore!
The food market is a cutthroat world. Some snacks get sent to the Big Kitchen in the Sky, no matter how popular or loved they were on the shelf.
11 – Heinz EZ Squirt Ketchup
From 2000 to 2006, Heinz made a colorful mistake. Its EZ Squirt ketchup changed the red color we’re all used to from our favorite tomato-based condiment. Starting with green and then quickly branching out to purple, blue, or mystery — either orange, pink, or teal — Heinz thought it had created the coolest thing since sliced bread. It even had tie-ins with the 2001 hit movie Shrek, which meant kids could bring the Swamp right to their hot dogs just like they’d always wanted.
Over 25 million bottles were sold during its 6 years on shelves, but the quirky appeal of EZ Squirt eventually wore off. Kids realized that eating blue or purple goo wasn’t as fun as they’d first thought, and multiple colored ketchup bottles were being left unfinished in the fridge. It also didn’t look too tasty when they mixed colors and got an unappetizing brown.

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10 – Crӧonchy Stars
In 1988, Muppets creator Jim Henson wanted to make breakfast fun, so with Post’s help, he made his own cereal. Instead of using the likes of Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, or even one of the Sesame Street gang, Henson used the Swedish Chef as the star of the show and named the cereal Crӧonchy Stars.
Everything about this cereal was like a child’s fever dream, though that describes the Muppets in a nutshell. Commercials featured the Swedish Chef in the Muppet test kitchen, creating his “cinnamonamony” stars in the midst of wacky slap-stick hijinks like his dough hitting him with a rolling pin or even exploding into perfectly cooked cereal. The cereal box was also filled with the Chef’s misspellings as well as zany and sometimes impossible puzzles.
However, Crӧonchy Stars proved that star power and kid-friendly nonsense isn’t enough to make up for terrible taste. Likened by some as a soggy and rubbery version of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, sales weren’t enough to keep Crӧonchy Stars alive for more than a year.

9 – Lime Skittles
The wonderful, fruity flavor of Skittles first hit our mouths in 1974, but the rainbow doesn’t taste the same as it used to. There’s a key player now missing from the game, replaced by a newer, tangier one. In 2013, Original Skittles replaced the lime Skittle with green apple. They may have looked the same, but candy fans noticed immediately — and many of them weren’t happy about it.
After years-long outcries on social media, Skittles finally made a very brief return of the beloved lime Skittle in 2017, though they only made it to Walmart. If you bought a packet at your local movie theater, you’d be sadly disappointed to find green apple hit your tastebuds. Still, the Long Lost Lime packs, which Skittles sadly did not call Lime-ited Edition, left nearly as quickly as they appeared.

8 – Hershey’s S’mores Bar
Hershey’s has been the go-to chocolate for campfire s’mores for decades, but in 2003, the company decided to take out the prep time and bring the delicious snack right to us. The Hershey’s S’mores Bar had a thin graham cracker layer topped with a Milky Way-like marshmallow, all covered in a coat of milk chocolate.
While it may have had all the right ingredients which isn’t too hard when there’s only 3, many fans of the original treat were disappointed by Hershey’s so-called s’more. None of the ingredients were the right amounts, with too much marshmallow, too little cracker, and never enough chocolate (you can never have enough chocolate, though). Everyone knows that recipes rely on their portion control. Otherwise crepes, pancakes, and Belgian waffles would all be the same thing. Hershey’s officially gave up their attempts at the s’more in 2012, leaving the snack to family camping trips and beachside bonfires.

7 – McDonald’s Fried Apple Pie
From their burgers and fries to their McFlurries and soft serves, McDonald’s has been the king of delicious, fattening food. One of its staple desserts, the apple pie, has been clogging our arteries since 1968, but the pies we’re served now aren’t the same as they once were. Using their patented frying technique, which teenagers have perfected since 1955, the fast food chain originally only sold deep-fried apple pies. Delicious as they were, they were by no means healthy, even if they did have fruit in them.
When people started watching their calories more, McDonald’s abandoned their greasy fryers for the oven in an attempt to make a healthy pie. Since 1992, McDonald’s diners can only get baked apple pies, not fried.

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