See cops chase, tackle ‘fugitive,’ 12, for being homeschooled

Kai and parents (HSLDA image)

It’s a scene typical of a cop show: A fugitive is scrambling across an icy road to escape his relentless pursuer. There’s a brief separation, but the gap closes.

The fugitive ascends a snowy hillside, clutching to pull himself up as the pursuer gets closer.

Finally, arms and hands make contact. The fugitive pitches down a hillside and the capture is made.

In this case it’s reality, not fiction.

And it’s police in Norway pursuing and capturing a 12-year-old student … for the offense of being a homeschool student.

See it for yourself, in this video from the Home School Legal Defense Association:

During the chase, the student’s mother is screaming: “Some people, please help. I need people to help!”

HSLDA has launched an online petition campaign to complain to the Norwegian embassy in the U.S. about the “atrocious treatment” that to Americans is absolutely “intolerable,”

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