Secret Places Hidden in Famous Locations

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Most of us stay above ground most of the time and enjoy some occasional sunlight. Sometimes we forget how much has been built underground. When we go on vacation, we often only see the surface of incredible places and we may not fully understand the true depth of what we’re experiencing. To secret clubs where only the rich and famous are allowed, monuments constructed with rooms that the public may never get to see, here 10 secret places hidden in famous locations.

10. Disneyland
If you’ve been on the Matterhorn ride at the Disneyland in Anaheim California you’ve probably seen the Matterhorn ride which is modeled after the famous jagged mountain in Switzerland! Rumors started going around that at the very tip top of the mountain there’s actually a basketball court in the attic, complete with rims, basketball hoops, court markings all the bells and whistles! There’s another place inside disneyland which is said to be hidden and reserved for the wealthy elite. It’s known as club 33 and is located somewhere not clearly visible near the Blue bayou restaurant. Hundreds, possibly thousands of people might pass right by it each day and never even have a clue. It’s typically reserved for celebs, politicians or other very important people. Members here must pay 40,000 dollar annual fee to be apart of the secret society. They must then pay another 12,000. Vanessa Hudgens claims she went there and there’s a 20 year wait list so basically you’re not getting it in. Keep in mind, the Scottish Rite uses the number 33 for the highest attainable degree, such as albert pike

9. Statue of Liberty

You might be familiar with the Statue of Liberty in New York City as a symbol of power, freedom and as a gift from a friendly nation. But under her gown might not be the only secret she’s hiding from us. Many tourists won’t get the chance to view the observation deck that’s actually inside the torch! When most visitors get the tour, they’re brought to the crown which is only a measly 250 feet from the ground, giving people an okay view but not the best! The best view is the secret observatory all the way to the tip of the torch. So why aren’t you allowed up there? Is there some kind of secret illuminati meeting going on up there? Possibly but it’s off limits since 1916, after german spies had blown up a nearby munitions depot, which caused an earthquake and led to some damage in the torch area. The damage was repaired but still, access is denied. The real reason it’s closed, still kinda seems like a mystery. It also requires that people use a ladder to get up it, and you can probably imagine that someone would eventually fall and hurt themselves.

8. Las Vegas Underground
Be careful how much you bet at the roulette tables the next time you’re on vacation, or you might end up here. Underneath Las Vegas’ shiney lights lies a dark underworld. In the 200 miles of tunnels that were designed to prevent Las Vegas from flooding during monsoon like storms, a subculture of about 1000 homeless make these places home. You may never even know they’re there unless you explore the tunnels yourself. This couple Steven and Kathryn have been living here for quite sometime now and seem to have an interesting arrangement. With salvaged furniture, clothing and books these people have had no other choice than to live here as you can imagine, after hitting rock bottom. The homeless will take whatever they can find in order to make themselves comfortable here.They risk all their belongs becoming flooded if there’s a storm or even death if they can’t escape in time. Graffiti artists have turned parts of the tunnel into their personal gallery, showcasing intricate designs.

7. Gibraltar Tunnels
Gibraltar is located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula and the famous rock of Gibraltar is visited by many people each year. But many might not realise that this famous rock was actually transformed into a bunker by the British which consists of 34 miles of underground tunnels which is nearly twice as long as the cities road network. Made of limestone, this mountain is perfect for carving up and being utilized for protection. The first line of defensive was created in the 1700’s by the british but it greatly expanded into an underground garrison for troops. Due to the strategic importance of Gibraltar, it was bound to get hit at some point by either the italians or the germans, and keeping a close watch with radar was necessary. Air raid shelters, underground hospitals, a barracks before the conflict broke out but between 1939 to 1945, the tunneling increased from 7 miles underground to 25 miles. During Operation Tracer, the British created a covert observation post, known as Stay Behind Cave, where they planned to remain if the area was captured. It was rediscovered in 1997 and veterans have revisited the site for bringing back some memories.

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