Robots Are Skiing Now. Will They Take Winter Olympians’ Jobs?

Just down the road from where some of the best human skiers are competing—or, mostly, just waiting for the wind to stop blowing—at the Winter Olympics, eight of the world’s most advanced skiing robots took to the slopes.

The results were decidedly mixed:

Adorable though it might be, that little guy probably isn’t making Mikaela Shiffrin or Marcel Hirscher look over their shoulders at potential robotic competition. Still, the Robot Ski Challenge—hosted at South Korea’s Welli Hilli ski resort, about an hour from the Olympic host city of PyeongChang—is impressive in its own right. Eight teams of robotics experts from universities and private institutions competed for a $100,000 top prize, The Daily Mail reports, with each robot equipped with camera sensors to detect the blue and red flags marking their course down the bunny hill.

Some competitors, like the one above, made a beeline for the flags. Others,

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