Rejuvenation Using Human Umbilical Cord Blood Plasma

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Human blood plasma obtained from umbilical cords revitalizes the hippocampus and improves cognitive function in aged mice, according to a new study published in Nature. The research was done by a team led by Stanford University neurologist Tony Wyss-Coray. The researchers injected human cord plasma into old mice, and found that they could better remember how to run through a maze than those receiving no injections. This research builds on earlier parabiosis studies in which young mice were stitched together with old mice. Those studies found that being exposed to young blood rejuvenated the organs and muscles of old mice.

In this new study the researchers isolated a blood protein TIMP2 from umbilical cord plasma and injected it into old mice where it boosted their memories almost as well as the young plasma did. The Stanford team suggests that TIMP2 could be used therapeutically to improve aging human brains.

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