Recent Ocean Discoveries That Could Change History

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From recently discovered underwater continents to rare species found on isolated pacific islands here are Recent ocean discoveries that could change history!

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5. Water on Europa
Until recently, we’ve always assumed planet Earth was the only place in our solar system with liquid water but could there be other places? The answer is clearly yes with two of Jupiter’s moons have liquid water beneath the surface of the crusts. If that wasn’t shocking enough, in the case of Europa, the ocean could be twice the size of Earth. As of right now, most of the water that we know of is in the form of ice. So finding a liquid ocean could not only be a remarkable discovery but could lead to use finding life outside of earth. Imagine Europa’s crust like a like a large sheet of ice over liquid water. Although more advancements are needed to actually explore this body of water, scientists seem to think this could a possible place bacterial life could survive outside of earth.

4. New Zealand Sea Monster
In 2013, a mysterious rotting sea monster, washed up on the shore of New Zealand, in the Bay of Plenty, terrifying locals. Here in this photo, you can see the long and sharp teeth of this ferocious lookin g beast. A youtube video was released showing the carcass of the half buried creature with its gaping jaws and half of its body under the sand. She was dying to find out if anyone knew what on earth it was and no one seems to be too sure, despite theories of it being an oversized croc. Other suggestions included a dolphin, giant moray eel or even a dinosaur! A marine expert certainly rejected those theories and claims it was indeed the rotting carcass of a killer whale. Still frightening nonetheless

3. A Tree Lobster
Never heard of a tree lobster before? That’s okay, they were believed to have been extinct for the past 80 years until one was found on this remote island between Australia and New Zealand. It’s jagged shape makes it impossible for humans to live, so that could be why it’s still alive. The giant rock island drops off at a near 90 degree angle making it possible for other creatures to live but somehow the tree lobster found a way to survive.The tree lobster is in fact a flightless insect about the size of a human hand. The scientist you see in the photo, decided to explore this area since some scientists claimed to have seen evidence like droppings, that might prove their existence. This has to make you wonder, what other animals could still be out there that we once thought were extinct.

2. Underwater Waterfall Illusion
Just off the coast of the island country of mauritius is this unbelievable view of what appears to be an underwater waterfall. From the aerial vantage point, it almost would seem as though the water is flowing into a pit. But this is a real case of a rare phenomenon where sand at the bottom of the ocean is flowing downwards and it’s more noticeable on sunny days. You can also see there’s an underwater cliff which drops down quite a far distance. Some sites claim it could be about 500 feet deep. To the left of this photo, you can see the well known Le Morne brabant and the tropical setting almost seems perfect for an island getaway. Further exploration of this area may lead to more information about earth’s history.

1.Massive underwater volcano
Located just east of the country of japan is a super mega volcano the size of New Mexico or the entire british islands and it’s officially one of the biggest in our solar system. Also known as the Tamu Massif, researchers originally thought it was a cluster of smaller volcanoes but soon realized they were wrong! Researchers were shocked when they figured out that it was one megavolcano comparable to olympus mons on mars. It gets the name massif which means massive in French because it’s simply massive! Scientists suggest that several volcanoes all fused to one and it was created in a relativelly short amount of time in a few million years or so. Some feel as though this volcano can lead to more insight on martian landscapes.mzm

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