Really? Pastor John Piper says people who have never heard the Gospel won’t go to hell

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Christians who grew up worshiping and were taught the gospel by their parents are fortunate to have known the story of salvation at an early age. But what about people living in far-flung places who have never heard of Jesus? Are they destined to suffer from eternal misery for not following God?

A 12-year-old reader asked Pastor John Piper of Desiring God about the fate of “people who live far away from the gospel.” In response, Piper wrote on his website that these people will not automatically be saved and go to heaven, but they won’t go to hell either.

“God always punishes people because of what they know and fail to believe. In other words, no one will be condemned for not believing in Jesus who has never heard of Jesus,” he said.

If people want to understand more, Piper urged them to open their Bible and read the

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