Real reason millions are using #MeToo hashtag

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On Oct. 15, actress Alyssa Milano asked her Twitter followers to reply, “Me too,” and share their personal experiences of being sexually harassed or assaulted. This came as a response to the surge of devastating sexual harassment claims against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Melanie Tomczak

I don’t think anyone could have anticipated what came next.

It went viral.

​ ​

Two words turned into a worldwide movement of gut-wrenching honesty and transparency.

Monday morning, I awoke to find my social media feed inundated with posts with the same #MeToo hashtag. It was unavoidable. I read the accounts of those I love and how their lives have been effected by the actions of others.

This isn’t something you can just ignore and keep “scrolling.” My heart has been heavy since I saw the very first “MeToo” account on my Facebook wall.

As I took this heaviness to God, and

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