Ray Comfort defends God of the Old Testament against atheists who call Him ‘tyrannical’

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Evangelist and Young Earth Creationist Ray Comfort has addressed atheists who believe the God of the Old Testament to be a “tyrannical dictator” by arguing that without God’s judgment, there would be no justice in the world.

Comfort, who regularly answers challenges by atheists on his Facebook page, responded to one such commenter on Thursday who was critical of God’s actions in the Old Testament:

“Save your prayers, I’m quite comfortable with myself in my own faith and comfortable enough to know if God exists, the God who created this beautiful star, he won’t be the God of the Bible or any other man made religion on this planet.

“No loving God would brutally slaughter every man, woman and child of this planet in the Great Flood, pregnant women drowning at the bottom of the ocean, children screaming for help as the crushing waves devour them, just because a

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