PROOF Aliens Could Exist

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Recent files released by the navy have seemingly confirmed the existence of unidentified flying objects, floating around in our skies… Not like we didn’t already know. But in case your still skeptical, we’ve compiled our own list of extraordinary evidence to help understand the truth. From secrets hidden about the dark side of the moon, to footage of spaceships captured by jet pilots, here is proof aliens exist.

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6.Antarctica Meteorite
A team of US meteorite hunters came across ALH84001 in alan hills on december 27 1984 and it’s one of the more intriguing meteorites ever discovered. This 4.3 pound object is believed to have come from mars and scientists believe they found evidence of fossilized martian bacteria. Believed to be over 4 billion years old, it could point to the possibility of life on mars around that time. The claims started off to be rather controversial especially among the scientific community but what would you expect if evidence of aliens was discovered? It’s also considered to be the oldest of martian meteorites and it was discovered on the ice covered continent of antarctica. Underneath an electron microscope, you can see it appears to be some microbial structure.

5. ARtifacts from Sanxingdui
The ruins of a remarkable unknown culture existed in China from 3000 BC-1000 BC in China’s Southwestern Sichuan Province. A farmer came across some unbelievable artifacts while digging a ditch in a spring in 1929. Thousands of rare treasures were dug out and is considered the most important archaeological dig site in China. Some considered it to be the 9th wonder of the world, and seemingly belonged to a mysterious civilization, considering that none of these are marked with Chinese characters. Here we see a bronze mask that was discovered here that’s at least 3000 years old and looks rather odd. Tell these masks don’t look like aliens!

4.Milton Torres-
One of the reasons why there might be so many crashed UFOs is because the pilots are ordered to shoot them! Milton torres was given orders by the English government to take out those saucers when he was flying over east anglia in Britain. He gives his testimony to some news outlets and claims that it certainly wasn’t something humans were capable of making. He talked to several other pilots who also said to see if they had experienced anything like that before and he wasn’t the only one. The moved at incredible speeds and he wasn’t able to hit the target. Torres was then led to a person dressed in civilian clothing who reassured him that he doesn’t want to tell anyone or he’d lose his job. The incident came out as apart of the freedom of information act.

3.Water is Extraterrestrial
This scarce resource that is seemingly necessary for life doesn’t just exist on earth and many discoveries have been made which indicate oceans underneath the moons of Saturn and Jupiter. The surface of the moon is very icy and a sheet of ice consumes it wit h a thickness of 19 to 25 kilometers. Underneath the perpetual shell of ice is a liquid ocean. Despite there not being a possibility of sunlight reaching the ocean, we’ve seen from other videos how deep sea organisms survive at 7.9 kilometers deep on earth. Impact craters have made parts of the ice sheet much thinner, which may expose it to sunlight

2.Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program
If the government really didn’t think that aliens could be out there, why would the department of defense spend 22 million dollars on a secret plan to find out as much knowledge on the existence of aliens and UFO’s as possible? This was partly funded by the former nevada Senators, Harry Reid and Robert Bigelow. A recent document that has not been classified contains details of roughly 490 pages of UFO sightings for several decades all around the world! The person who was in charge of the project goes by the name Luis Elizondo claims that there is compelling evidence that we may not be alone. The project started in 2007 but in 2017 videos came out from the state department which seems to be pretty clear evidence of a flying saucer spotted by the navy. The pilot spotted a whole fleet of saucers near san diego in 2004! Finally, the gov acknowledged the program existed. What more evidence and videos was this powerful program capable of acquiring and when can we see it! We encourage everyone to dig a little deeper on this one.

American Eye

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