Pro-life Christians kicked out of Seattle coffee shop by gay owner who makes expletive-laden comments about Jesus

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The owner of Bedlam Coffee shop in Seattle, Washington.(Photo: Facebook)

A gay coffee shop owner in Seattle, Washington, evicted a group of Christians from his cafe after he came to know that they had evangelized on the streets prior to coming to his shop for a coffee break. The owner also went on a vulgar rant against Jesus, which was caught on video.

The Christians, who were affiliated with the pro-life group Abolish Human Abortion, had been distributing gospel pamphlets and anti-abortion material in the city and decided to visit Bedlam Coffee for drinks. Sometime during their break, owner Ben Borgman confronted the group and shouted, “You have to leave,” The Liberator reported.

“We had nothing on us, we weren’t distributing anything,” one of the Christians, Caytie Davis, was quoted as saying about the incident last week. “We bought coffee and went upstairs.”

Borgman continued to demand that they leave and showed

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