Playstation data turned over to FBI in terror probe

Personal details that a Playstation 4 system might reveal about its owner have been delivered by Sony to federal authorities investigating claims that a Kansas resident tried to go to the Middle East to join a terrorist organization.

The report comes from consumer tech information site WCCFTech, which includes an image of an application for a search warrant submitted by FBI agent Michael Buono.

Along with searching email, Google, YouTube and other social media accounts, and a cell phone, the FBI will look at “information associated with a Playstation Network account associated with a Playstation4 gaming system.

Among the target’s suspicious activities was an apparent attempt to delete all information from his system.

The report said Sony delivered the deleted data that was hosted in the company’s California headquarters.

Law enforcement officers eventually concluded the investigation target, identified as Isse Aweis Mohamud, “wasn’t actually involved in any terrorist activities” but he did end up getting a four-year sentence

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