Places That Will Pay You To Live There!

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Many states throughout the US have noticed a large population decline and need to start getting more people there even if a little bribery is necessary. Without some incentives to get people to live there, the states could lose income tax, property tax, and essentially go broke. Some other cities just want to see a healthy population increase to help the economic or just to see some rural areas grow. A lot of people are heading to big cities nowadays and leaving the rural areas which still need people to help it prosper. You have to wonder though, is it worth the extra cash to live some kind of boring? From places that might be a good spot to build your zombie apocalypse bunker, to places that might forgive student debt, Today we’re gonna take a look at places that will pay you to live there!

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4.Niagara Falls
Possibly one of the best places on this list you can move to would be Niagra Falls/Buffalo area, New York state. This area is located very close to an excellent source of clean, flowing water. Lake Erie and Niagara Falls will provide residents with the luxury of having clean water during the apocalyse, which will of course be essential. Buffalo is also ranked as having the 5th best food supply in the US. The main setback would be of course the cold weather during the winter but hey, there’s always jackets that can keep you warm. The program is mainly targeted to bring young people to the downtown area of niagara falls. Many people have been moving out of new york state for various reasons including the rough property tax. But millenials suffering from student loan debt can receive up to 3500 dollars a year to help them pay it off. It’s not as much as kansas pays but still a decent amount considering how much there is to do in the area.

Wyoming is the countries least populated state which would also make it an excellent place to spend the end of days in the case of an apocalypse. Not only is the housing in this state extremely affordable, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful mountains in a remote part of the country. The main problem with people wanting to live here, is that it’s cold, there isn’t a lot going on, water is scarce, a lot of the land is owned by the feds and not too easy to access for immigrants. There potentially dozens of reasons but there are 4 times as many people living in Las vegas than this entire state. The only way to really get people to move here is to offer them something. You might even be able to get a free house in the state capital of Cheyenne that apparently no one has wanted to move into yet. The wyoming rehabilitation and acquisition program helps make it more affordable for people who want to purchase a fixer-upper. It still seems like wyoming is gonna need more than free homes to bring people in. We’re sure you can still enjoy a simple life here just fine and people who live here love that there’s virtually no traffic!

2.Detroit, Michigan
The city of detroit has seen some tough times recently and about 400,000 people have moved from this place over the past 20 years now. Now that the price of living here is getting considerably low, could it be a good time to finally move there? It supposedly has been experiencing a rebirth since everything is becoming so cheap. Tech industries enjoy the cool weather in order to cool down their massive servers and the rent here is dirt cheap in comparison to the silicon valley. New homeowners in some areas can recieve as much as 20,000 dollars in forgivable loans which would be put to the cost of buying a new home. In order to attract more jobs, certain companies are given a break when it comes to taxes and other fees. This makes it quite attractive to entrepeneurs looking to maximize profits.


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