Places MORE Mysterious Than Area 51

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ARea 51 rightfully gets a reputation for being a secretive place, but if it was so secretive, why do so many people know about it. Many of these places were about to mention have managed their best to keep out of the public spotlight but through intensive research, some details about them have begun to emerge. Could area 51 simply be a decoy to our attention focused elsewhere? From secret CIA black sites used to detain high profile suspects, to other places where aliens might be hiding here are places more mysterious than area 51.

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5.Camp Lemonnier
This secret base is found in the country of Djibouti near the airport and is the only permanent US base in the continent of Africa It’s operated by the US Navy Region Europe, Africa and Southwest Asia. It’s been used to launch operations on countries such as Somalia, Yemen, and Afghanistan and was deliberately kept in the shadows of the public. It’s likely been the base for many operations in Africa as well as drone strikes that help stir up political chaos

4.Aviano Air Base
This air base in Northern italy has been trying to go off the radar for some time now and is home to roughly 50 nuclear weapons. It’s surrounded by barbed wire and patrolled with attack dogs for anyone attempting to sneak in. It was home to a controversy that the USA tried to cover up. A marine fighter jet was flying at an extremely low altitude in the alps struck a cable car wire that was suspended over 200 feet above the ground. It caused the occupants to freefall and no survivors were found. It was dubbed the cavalese cable car incident and is often attributed to the pilot breaking flying altitude regulations. The base was also linked to the CIA and italian secret service and the kidnapping of an Egyptian man

3.The Salt Pit
This secretive CIA prison is so secretive, we can’t find it on google maps! It’s somewhere north of Kabul, Afghanistan and it’s certainly somewhere you don’t want to go. The prison is kept dark for 24 hours a day, loud music is played to keep people awake at night, and you’re only given a bucket to do your business. It’s been described as a dark dungeon by some and it’s very unlikely anyone would even know you’re there. The CIA confirmed its existence after family members of prisoners there heard about the conditions but during interviews with officials claim to know very little about it. Obama had admitted that torture took place in the fight agaist terror and this is one of the places where it took place. A man named Gul Rahman suffered from hypothermia during an “enhanced interrogation” and his family wouldn’t find out about it until 2010. One detainee here was injured so badly, he had to have one of his eyes surgically removed.

2.Stare Kiejkuty
Could an innocent looking Polish village be the perfect front for a CIA black site? Located between two lakes, it’s listed as a popular vacation spot but some of the visitors here won’t get the chance to unbook their reservation. After a release of classified information, it showed that the president of poland had granted the USA the right to host a secret black site in his country and hold people there as POW’s. Some believe the polish president had no idea what exactly he was agreeing tooThe reason the CIA chose this site could be due to the strange historical importance and unique remoteness. The exact location of the detaining site here in this village is unknown and there could be spooks in a number of innocent looking village houses.


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