Places Local DON’T WANT You To Visit!

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If you’ve already booked tickets to check out some of these places, you don’t need to cancel just yet but consider yourself warned. Not everywhere in the world is going to appreciate you coming to their town or city just because you’re spending a few bucks here and there. Some historical cities across the world are getting fed up with the soaring price of housing due to airbnb rentals and the demand for people who want to go there. From towns that used to be peaceful, to areas where tourists are to blame for an economic decline, here are Places that Locals Don’t Want You to Visit.

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6. Uluru or Ayers Rock
This iconic image from the middle of Australia is actually a very sacred location for the aboriginal people on this continent. It wasn’t discovered by European explorers until the 1800’s. Although people have been climbing this mountain for ages, the aborigines would really prefer they didn’t. So why is it sacred? The tribes people believe that it was made by dreams of ancestral beings. The strange cave formations seemed to support this theory, in their opinion. If you look at it closely, it really just seems to pop out of nowhere and looks like one single rock. Rising 346 meters high, you can see why this might be looked at as a sacred site.

5. Cinque Terre, Italy
Possibly one of the most colorful places around the world is the beautiful italian village known as cinque terre. Located in Northeastern, Italy, Cinque Terre translates to 5 lands and it’s certainly home to more that 5 colors. The area here used to get bombarded with tourists during summer time and could attract 2.5 million visitors during this time of the year calling it Disneyland for adults. The charming little region on the edge of the mediterranean can only accommodate so many people, to the point where pollution, erosion, and breathing space become an issue. The number of tourists allowed to come here was reduced to 1 million in order combat some of the issues of too much tourism but even that could be pushing the limit.

4. Oxford England
Small cities that turn into international tourist attractions often become impossible to live in as we just saw and the truth appears to be the same oxford, England. The city of oxford is not located too far from the capital city of london to the west and is home to the world’s oldest english speaking university. It can recieve over a half a million visitors each year which some claim is just too much. Now, in modern times, it was deemed as touristic hell by the mayor as the quiet college town began to transform into another gift shop hotspot. A medieval style city tends to lose it’s charm once everyone starts walking around with selfie sticks and wearing fanny packs. A few measures have been made which include banning buses and taxis from queen street.

3. Santorini
One of the most popular islands to getaway to in Europe, is without a doubt, Santorini! Tourists fall in love with the deep blue seas created from deep waters around this mysterious island. This is basically what remains of an enormous volcanic eruption that might have been the one which devastated the Minoan civilization or even Atlantis! A similar eruption in tourism has seemingly happened in recent times, and of course, causing a ruckus. The pearl white buildings along the cliffside of the volcanic rocks are somewhat of a dangerous decision by the locals in case of an earthquake but it certainly seems as though it’s not keeping anyone from wanting to come here. The tourism board declared that only 8000 people will be allowed to visit it per day, which still seems like a lot.

2. Capri
The island of capri welcomes about 2 million tourists each year but similar to other places in italy, it’s beginning to g et overcrowded. This is also great place to find explore mysterious grottos and caves that are found all around the island. Here we see the blue grotto that wasn’t discovered until the 19th century and always has a magical shade of blue to it! The natural beauty of this place off the west coast of Italy has not gone unnoticed by any means and can receives 10,000 tourists a day. This is a huge destination for both Italians and foreigners as a popular resort island. If you can afford a yacht, this would certainly be a great place to get one!
The island itself is only about 10 square kilometers and if things continue the way they are, they might face some serious issues.


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