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Pets You Should NEVER Release Into The Wild!

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From animals that can quickly out compete their local rivals, to goldfish that have gone at an exponential rate outside their tanks, here are pets that should never be released into the wild!

5.Red Eared Slider Turtle
You probably thought it was a cool idea to get a pet turtle after watching teenage mutant ninja turtles In case you thought all turtles were in need of saving, think again.Red Eared Slider Turtles are the most common species of turtle that’s used as a pet to humans that have also managed to thrive in different areas across the globe. In places such as New South Wales and Queensland Australia, they’ve become an invasive species and are posing a threat to native turtles of land down unda. They are able to reproduce, mature more quickly and are more hostile than other turtle species in the area. Numerous studies have shown that they’re able to outcompete most turtles for food and their voracious appetite for frogs can make those go endangered too. Australia has done their best to erradicate these turtles who are becoming a major nuisance. Eating them doesn’t seem to be a great solution either because they can spread salmonella fairly easily This species of turtle has been banned in the state of florida to keep them from being released into the wild.

4.The Frilled Lizard
This strange reptile looks like a modern day dinosaur and he’s got the frills to prove it. Found in Northern Australia and in New Guinea it has excess skin that it uses to flare up when it feels threatened in order to make it’s predators back away. They might not always be easy to spot due to their excellent camouflage that blends in well with tree bark. It typically stays in the trees unless it needs to find food or fight of other lizards who are in its territory. Feasting on a diet of beetles, mice, termites and butterflies, with the right conditions, these lizards are known grow rapidly with a good food source. When the cane toad was introduced as an invasive species, the frilled lizard population sky rocketed in australia.

3.Bengal Cats
Bengal cats are hybrids between a domestic cat and an asian leopard cat. Bengal cats are known for their spunky personalities who are a little more on the wild side than your average house cat. They are known to jump really high, and have spots like a real leopard. This is not like breeding a lion and tiger. These animals are not depressed and actually enjoy a few health benefits from your average cat like immunity to feline leukemia. To keep one of these at home it’s best for them to have at least 3 or generations of domestication in their background. These cats need a little extra attention and shouldn’t be outside cats or they may just go back to their wild ways.Due to their abilities to jump really high, they can escape enclosures, hop fences and get to places that are really hard to get to for humans. They will also relentlessly hunt things such as squirrels, birds, chipmunks and other small animals. Owners might have noticed some of their apex predator like capabilities and in the right environment, they might begin to spread.

2.Giant African Land Snails
Have you ever considered having a pet snail before? This massive snail was originally brought to africa as a type of pet or even a food source and has become an invasive species This giant species of snail is also known as the giant tiger snail, and they’re native to western Africa in countries like Ghana, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Togo, and others. Growing up to 7.1 inches long and 3.5 inches in diameter, it’s a big snail with a big appetite. They’re known to eat awful things including rat feces and even stucco on homes and should never be eaten by humans. Being able to lay up 1200 eggs at a time, and with no natural enemies, the population has gotten out of control. It’s being a staple food source for the locals in those countries in Africa but they are prone to infectious diseases.


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