Off-Road Vehicles for the Zombie Apocalypse

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We all know that when it comes to the zombie apocalypse, choosing a vehicle can certainly be a tough decision. But being able to have the advantage of driving in multiple different terrains and conditions will ultimately lead to your survival. While everyone is stuck in traffic, you’ll be driving through some bumpy shortcuts to help you get to your hideout before the zombies get there first. From sports cars modified with some firepower to extreme machines meant to withstand tough conditions, here are the best off road vehicles for the zombie apocalypse.

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6.Mercedes-Benz Unimog
Considered to be a monster of offroad vehicles and also known for its absolute off-road supremacy, you’d certainly want this extreme machine in your garage when the zombie apocalypse hits the fan! While it might be a little bit impractical if this was the only car you had, the Mercedez Benz Unimog was designed to handle all kinds of terrain. If you got a zombie hunting crew with you and you want to head out to the wilderness, this might be one of the best ways to go. Some feel as though this is the only car you’ll ever need in your life because it can allow you to do so many different jobs despite it’s large size. It’s been used by farmers, special forces, firefighters, and even as a snow plow for an added bonus.

Jeeps are rugged, reliable vehicles and are built to go off road. They were designed in the 1940’s and specifically made for the military. This makes them arguably the oldest four wheel drive mass produced vehicles ever made. So if worked for the allies in World War 2, it should be somewhat useful in the zombie apocalypse. The modern day jeep wranglers could be one of the better all around vehicles; with some room for essential supply storage, off-road capabilities and it’s potential to be transformed into a zombie killing machine. Tough jeeps, especially one’s like this that have been modified in order to successful combat zombies with a .50 caliber machine gun, and heavy duty tires that certainly won’t pop easy. This could certainly be your best affordable choice of vehicles on this list.

4.Modified Camaro
Keep in mind that while a lot of these cars will be able to handle the offroad path, many of them won’t be able to go too fast. You might just want to consider modifying a Chevy Camaro with some offroad tires and maybe lifting it up a little bit to get yourself one pretty cool looking vehicle. But in any case, if you’re just driving over some grass and don’t think the terrain is going to be too unbearable, it might pay off in the long run to just modify a sports car like we see here. This person has taken it to a whole new level and has completely remade this thing to survive the apocalypse! While the driver is doing the driving, the passenger can hope keep a steady aim while looking down the barrel of a machine gun. Not only that, some missile launchers can destroy multiple zombies

3.Ford Ranger Raptor
This is the prefered offroad vehicle that’s used by the camo dudes at area 51 and we think it’ll be a good choice during the zombie apocalypse. It’s known to be able to handle bumpier offroad trails that other ford F-150’s can’t. It also utilizes a diesel engine which is capable of pumping out 210 horsepower and 369 pounds per foot of torque. The bed should be large enough to fit some dirt bikes if you need to make a quick escape through traffic or through a narrow space. It also comes with 4 different modes that can be used, two for on-road and four for offroading. There’s a mode for grass, gravel and snow and another mode that’s best for mud or sand. Then it’s also got Baja Mode which is best for going fast offroad. It minimizes traction and stability control while shifting gears. It should also work great for towing your boat so you can get to your island hideout, far away from zombies.

2.Mercedes G63 6X6
In case you don’t think you can afford to fork over the 2.5 billion dollars for a nuclear submarine, don’t worry, you’re not alone. You can still hopefully afford to get one of these beasts of german engineering. Mercedes is known for creating elegant cars which hi performance but maybe they’re secretly getting ready for the zombie apocalypse as well. Here wa see a mercedes G63 6X6 and you can clearly tell it’s built to handle all kinds of terrain. This V8 500,000 dollar SUV looks like it would be built for the military but you won’t find a better mix between luxury and ruggedness it seems like. It has impeccable handling and is nearly tip over resistant. It’s even been seen climbing the side of mountains! Whatever the situation calls for, it seems as though the Mercedes G63 can handle it. Good luck though trying to find the gasoline for it. There’s plenty of room to store some though if you can find it.


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