New Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer arrives – with three major Christian themes

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You’ve got to feel a bit sorry for other blockbusters. Nothing comes close in terms of anticipation levels to the release of a new Star Wars movie, and thanks to Disney’s cash-maximising handling of the franchise, it looks like the end of every year will bring yet another instalment for a while to come. Which means, around this time of year, the hype machine goes into overload, selling a gazillion pre-order tickets, plastic action figures and Lego bricks in the process.

After a teaser ad earlier in the year which revealed precious little about the direction of the film, the full trailer for Rian Johnson’s Episode VIII is now online, and picked up well over 10 million views within the first few hours of release. While they can’t always be trusted to give an accurate forecast of the full film to come, trailers do generally contain footage and dialogue from

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