New Jersey Man Investigated, Arrested After Purchasing Multiple Gift Cards From CVS

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Richard B. Levine/NewscomA New Jersey man is now on the hook for promoting prostitution after buying multiple gift cards from a CVS Pharmacy.

Mount Olive Township Police were called to the CVS location on Tuesday over “suspicious activity,” according to a police report. A man later identified as 28-year-old Craig Nakonechny had “repeatedly” entered and exited the store and ultimately purchased several gift cards.

This was somehow enough to trigger a call to the police (it’s not clear from whom) and a visit from Officer Anthony Gardner.

When Gardner arrived, Nakonechny’s car was still parked in the CVS parking lot and he was seated inside. “Gardner approached Nakonechny and as they spoke, the officer “observed multiple gift cards on the front seat of the vehicle,” the report states.

Then Nakonechny—who has done nothing thus far except purchase several gift cards from CVS and return to his car—allegedly just offered

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