New D.A. Larry Krasner Cleans House in Philadelphia

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In his first days in office, the activist turned prosecutor has dismissed 31 career staff.

Richard Garella/Krasner for DA

As a candidate for district attorney, career civil rights and criminal defense attorney Larry Krasner promised to shake up Philadelphia’s justice system. On that score, at least, he seems to be delivering.

Just a few days after his inauguration, Krasner asked for the resignations of 31 career prosecutors, including a number of upper-level supervisors. The office’s homicide division, which has drawn attention in recent decades for its aggressive pursuit of death sentences, appeared to be a major target. Local media reports suggest that the unit may have lost as much as a third of its staff, some of whom joined the office during the tenure of former top prosecutor Lynne Abraham, elected to several terms on her record as “America’s Deadliest D.A.”


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