Nearly one-third of Brits still hold antisemitic ideas, study claims

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Memorial to the 6 million murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin, GermanyAlessio Maffeis/Unsplash

Nearly a third of the population of Britain still holds antisemitic ideas about Jewish people, according to a report issued today.

A small proportion of British adults can be categorised as ‘hard-core’ antisemites – about two per cent – yet antisemitic ideas can be found at varying degrees of intensity across 30 per cent of British society, the study says.

While this categorically does not mean that 30 per cent of the British population is antisemitic, it does demonstrate the ‘outer boundary’ of the extent to which antisemitic ideas are present in British society, it adds, and:  ‘As such, it goes some way towards explaining why British Jews appear to be so concerned about antisemitism, as the likelihood of them encountering an antisemitic idea is much higher than that suggested by simple measures of antisemitic individuals.’


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