MYSTERIOUS Places in South East Asia

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From a remote field covered in strange stone jars, to unbelievable geological formations, here are 13 Mysterious Places in Southeast Asia

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5. Batu Caves
Located near the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur the Batu caves offer a mysterious vibe of mystical and spiritual vibes but also gorgeous natural beauty. It’s here you’ll find a series of caves and hindu temples throughout and the shrines here have become popular among followers of this religion outside of india but also tourists looking to learn more about this place. The limestone caves found in this area are roughly 400 million years old and they’ve been used by local indigenous people for shelter. Outside the opening of this cave you’ll find the world’s tallest statue of the hindu deity, known as Murugan which is coated with golden paint from thailand. This mysterious cave hosts a wide variety of wildlife and it’s common to see macaque monkeys near the shrines. Some legends tell tales of demons once inhabiting these cav es who were defeated by the character depicted in the golden statue. .

4. The Plain of Jars
The name pretty much describes this place located in the southeast asian country of Laos. Most of it’s flat but occasionally there’s a hill and oh yeah there’s lots of ancient jars too. Over 2000 to be exact. No one knows exactly who left them there or what they were used for. Some theorize the jars were used for making various forms of rice wine but the true answer have yet to be solved. Local legends talk about there being a race of giants who once inhabited the area, which would almost make sense due to the fact. Others believe it’s a crematorium after some ashes were discovered. But there weren’t enough jars like this to determine that that’s what they were used for. But could it be true that these jars were here first and once used by giants like local legends state.

3. The Islands of Thailand
As you’re cruising through places in Southeast Asia, you may come across a few mysterious looking islands that seemingly form from nowhere. Thailand is home to many unique geological wonders that are surrounded by sapphire blue beaches. This includes the famous James Bond Island which is a limestone cliff that seemingly defies all laws of gravity. The waters turn green around here and it seems like the perfect place for james bond to hide out at! Another one is known as Chicken Island, which is found in the Krabi Province of Thailand. From different points of view, one might think it’s a giant chicken swimming on the ocean. The dense vegetations and various dangerous creatures on this island, might keep people from making mysterious discoveries.

2. Chocolate Hills Philippines
This famous tourist attraction consists of various bizarrely shaped hills on the middle of the Island of Bohol in the philippines. Here you’ll find over 1200 uniquely shaped land masses which are spread for an area of 50 square miles. You’d almost want to believe they were made made by looks of them. What’s also interesting about this place is the abundance of fossils that found here, manly prehistoric ocean creatures such as coral, algae and various mollusks. It was formed from the uplift of coral deposits millions of years ago but local legends claim otherwise. The locals believe it’s a result of giants throwing stones and heaving large amounts of sand at each other. After the fighting was over, the giants became friends. Whatever the true case maybe, it’s a place that many have to be quite mysterious.

1. Sacred Boulder
This boulder not only defies gravity, it’s a sacred religious location in Myanmar and is said to be placed on top of a strand of Buddha’s hair. The gold colored boulder dangles mysteriously over a cliff which makes it look like it’s about to fall at any moment. This is also a pilgrimage site for Burmese Buddhists, where many will engage in meditations, light candles and sing. Legend has it that those who visit it 3 times a year will be blessed with wealth, as well as acknowledgement of their goodness. Only male buddhists are allowed to touch the rock and place a golden leaf as a sign of their faith. Visitors also get a great view of the valley below and seems like a truly enchanting place to visit.

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