Mysterious Forests That Are Truly Haunted!

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Mysterious Forests that are Truly Haunted!

From ghosts, UFOs, and evil spirits … to King Arthur, Merlin, and Bigfoot … Here are 14 mysterious forests that are truly haunted!

#14 Hoia Baciu Forest (Hoya_Bah-choo)
The most ancient Neolithic settlement in Romania is dated to around 6500 BC and is contained within this forest. It covers about 3 square kilometers (1.2 sq miles) near Transylvania. Maybe that location helps account for some of the strange activities alleged to have taken place here. Paranormal events including UFO sightings, ghostly apparitions, malfunctioning electronics, and people suddenly disappearing are said to have occurred. An area of the forest identified as “the clearing” shows no evidence of any vegetation ever having grown on it. Scientists have no explanation for it. Nor can they explain why trees in the forest will grow in strange zig-zag patterns. Maybe you can understand why this place is sometimes called Romania’s Bermuda Triangle.

#13 Tawau Hills National Park, Malaysia (Toe-ow)
Some of the world’s tallest trees can be found within this forest in the northern part of Borneo. Along with the rugged volcanic landscapes, visitors are attracted by hot springs, camping sites, and amazing waterfalls. You might want to stay clear of that last attraction, though. While we couldn’t verify the stories, there are plenty of accounts of people disappearing within these woods, especially near waterfalls! That ties in with a local belief that the entire forest is haunted, and the spirits emerge at night. For that reason, you’re advised to visit only during the day.

#12 Belanglo State Forest, Australia (bel-uhn-glo)
It’s located in New South Wales and has an estimated area of 9,400 acres (3,800 hectares). It’s a popular destination for campers and trail bike riders, and is open to the public. But this forest has a dark side, too. It has been the site of many killings, including the infamous Backpacker Murders in the early 1990s. The serial killer was later caught and imprisoned for life in 1996, but seven victims had died. In 2010, a schoolboy was killed by three teenagers … one of whom was related to the convicted serial killer. Also in 2010, a skeleton was unearthed that was initially linked to the Backpacker Murders. But DNA evidence later proved the victim was a 22-year-old female who was murdered in a separate incident during 2009. She and her infant daughter were positively ID’d, and the killer was later caught and convicted in 2018.

#11 The Frith Wood, England
Frith is a Saxon word for wooded enclosure, and historians think these woodlands have been managed since the 5th century. A barracks for captured French prisoners once stood here during the Napoleonic Wars of the early 19th century. Locals claim there’s a ghost story involving a woman who fell in love with one of the prisoners. But when her father and brother found out about the affair they killed the man. She died shortly thereafter, possibly by suicide. Now her spirit is allegedly seen running through the trees and sobbing at the site of her lover’s murder.

#10 Long Trail, Vermont
The name refers to a hiking trail that easily lives up to its name. Winding some 273 miles (440 km), it runs the length of the state. And it’s the oldest long-distance trail found in the US. While most people visit for hiking or snowshoeing activities, some are attracted by the trail’s reputation. A section east of Bennington is claimed to contain a weird, haunting energy that is linked to some unsolved mysteries. During the 1940s and 50s, a series of unexplained disappearances occurred here. The best-known case involved a college student named Paula Jean Weldon who set out for a solo hike one day in 1946, and was never seen again. A total of six people vanished in that same area, and extensive searches were conducted for all of them. One body was recovered, but the events and disappearances remain a mystery to this day.

#9 Wychwood Forest, England (witch-wood)
In the past, this forest located in South East England totaled a much larger area. It was once a royal hunting ground, and experts say it’s probably been settled since at least 3000 BC. Visitors have reported seeing apparitions of crying children riding in a horse-drawn carriage, along with being touched by unseen hands. The most disturbing phenomenon is likely the ghost of Amy Robsart, who was the wife of the Earl of Leicester (lester). She died under suspicious circumstances in 1560 after falling down a flight of stairs. According to legend, her ghost appeared to her husband while the Earl was out hunting. She told him he would be dead within 10 days, and guess what? He soon fell ill and died within that time!

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