Mysterious Bone Discoveries That Shocked The World

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Well the rest of us may decompose, our skeletons will be around a lot longer and ones that have been untouched for centuries can give us clues about our past. Other discoveries might leave us confused about bizarre ancient practices, forcing us to ask questions. We have to warn you though, some of these discoveries are quite bonechilling. Here are bone discoveries that shocked the world.

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13. Elongated Mummy skulls
Imagine being an archaeologist and coming across these elongated skulls from Peru. You would probably be thinking they were some sort of alien creature who visited earth at some point in time and sometimes your first instincts can be the correct ones. Centuries ago, it was fashionable among the ancient incas and other pre columbian civilization. In an episode of ancient aliens, an elongated skull found in the americas was dna tested and it proved to have Dna similar to a scottish person, meaning europeans might have been there around 500 AD. A decay of certain DNA cells wouldn’t allow the researcher to determine if it was male or female or who the follower. It was also not fully determined whether or not it was completely human.

12. Vampire Skeleton
This skeleton found in Bulgaria (in a region just south of Romania) from the 13th century has a metal stake driven through the chest, which is commonly known as the way you kill the vampire. Was this vampire taken away from its immortal life with a metal stake through the heart. This isn’t the only skeleton found like this in the area. It was believed to be a fairly common practice to drive the stake through the heart for those who lost their live in certain nonnatural incidence. Sometimes they would even need to cut off a leg to keep them from rising once again. Were the people of bulgaria experiencing some sort of zombie apocalypse?

11. Buddha statue
Imagine discovering a buddha statue from 1000 years ago, thinking you’ve found a cool piece of historic artwork that you could maybe put in your living room if no one finds out. After doing more reseach on the piece of art you give it an xray and discover that there’s something or someone hiding inside. Researchers at a museum in the netherlands we’re shocked to find out that a skeleton was being kept inside and in a perpetual lotus pose for eternity. The mummified monk began drinking poisonous which caused intense vomiting and rapid weight loss. It’s thought that this would make the body too poisonous to the point where bugs and other parasites won’t aid in the decomposition process. After about 1000 days of repeating the poisonous tea , the monk was turned into a statue

10. Puzzling Alien Skull
A demonic looking skull was found in a German bunker in Russia near a briefcase. The strange appearance of the skull leads many to wonder the possibility of Germans in the 1940’s making contact with UFO’s. Some conspiracies believe it was a skull of a dead demon. Either way there is no possible way of knowing exactly. Skeptics believe the long exposure to sand and other elements of the bunker could have altered the shape. Some think it’s from some type of animals who may have What do you think?

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