Mysterious and Rare Species of fish

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There are a lot of strange sea creatures that have gone extinct over time and there’s only so much people can do to when fish sticks taste too good. Despite some overfishing, and some concern of their ecosystem, we still live in a time where there are plenty of fish still left in the sea. Some might be pretty scary looking while others get closely monitored. From exotic colorful genetically engineers glow fish, to large and tasty sunfish, here are mysterious and rare species of fish.

14 Devils Hole Pupfish
This strange fish isn’t found in the ocean but actually in a place where you’d least expect it! Nevada certainly isn’t a state that’s known for its fishing but that’s the state where you’ll find the Devil’s Hole Pupfish. They dwell in a water-filled cavern and have a striking blue sapphire color
But are also notable for their pelvic fins which are quite rare. The small fish will eat just about everything that lives in the cave ranging from beetles, snails, larvae to even algae. Some people have criticized the government for wanting to protect this fish at all costs which included preserving their ground water. Any slight changes to their water source could mean their end which is why they’re so closely monitored. Nearly 5 million dollars has been spent on equipment to help keep it alive, much to the confusion of many people. In April of 2016, some unexpected environment vandalism took place when 3 men broke into the cave and partially destroyed their habitat.

13 Spotted Handfish
Wait hold on a minute. Fish don’t have hands, do they? Think again! This rare fish from australia actually does and it kind of shows us how hands can develop from fins after enough time has gone by. Their pectoral fins have developed to the point where they can actually walk with them on the sea floor. They’re still trying to get used to their new limbs and aren’t really known for crawling around too fast. Their habitat is very limited to only streams in tasmania but can lay up to 250 eggs at a time depending on the size of the pouch. As of right now, they’re critically endangered which is possibly due to the fact that they can’t escape predators quite as quickly as they would like to and have no natural defenses. Could it be possible that this creature will eventually morph into a human fish like species and grow some legs in the near future? Who knows

12 Lionfish
This commonly found, venomous fish is found off the coasts of Florida and the Carolinas mostly due to its exportation from the Indian Ocean. People like having them in their aquariums but were able to invade our coastlines when they were introduced to our oceans. They have thrived in our environment and are now considered in an invasive creature. Interaction with humans can be very deadly. Their poisonous fins makes them deadly to scuba divers or fishermen who are unlucky enough to get pricked. Symptoms of a sting can include, vomiting, fever, breathing problems, dizziness and even paralysis in some cases. Some have the idea that these creatures should be fished and eaten but the idea hasn’t caught on too well.

11 Dragonfish
It almost looks like a normal fish until you look at it’s teeth, then you realize this thing must live at the bottom of the ocean. It’s noticeable with its snake like body and sharp needle like teeth. Not only are the teeth extremely sharp, but they also have the capability of growing from their tongues.These fish can grow to be about two feet long and are certainly found at deep depths. They can go as low as 5000 feet but prefer shallower depths at night. The colors may vary depending on what region they choose as their habitat, such as green, silver and black. The fang like teeth paralyzes the victim and enjoy eating lanternfish and bristlemouths.

10 Piranhas
A piranha is also something you really don’t want to get bit by. The jaws are quite powerful considering the size of the fish, but the razor sharp teeth are what will normally do the damage. Be careful what body of water you decide to go swimming in. The bite of a Piranha measures at 70 pounds of force at the tip of its teeth. This means that Piranha’s bite force is 20 times its body weight. The great white’s bite force matches its own weight. Native to the Amazon River, these carnivorous fish are known for ripping apart the flesh of anything it comes into contact with. So this fish packs a lot of punch or its size.

9 Ocean Sunfish
Known to be one of the largest and boniest fish out in the sea, this species is found in subtropical areas and it’s quite difficult to tell exactly what it is without closely looking at it. They’re pretty friendly creatures and typically just enjoy a diet of squid, baby fish, and other crustaceans. Injuries from sunfish are rather rare but they have been known to leap out and hit people who are on boats which might be as hilarious as it sounds! It would certainly not be a joking

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