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Mysterious ALIEN Artifacts!

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Some things that are left behind from past civilizations makes historians scratch their heads and according to some alien astronaut theorists, many of these were about to mention may indicate some contact with extraterrestrials. Whether they were metallic hats made from gold to objects with debatable origins, here are the most mysterious alien artifacts

5.Wolfsegg Iron
Also known as the Salzburg cube found in Austria in 1885, this object has been declared an out of place artifact by many when it was discovered in a 20 million years old coal seam. At first many believed it was meteorite that struck the ground and ended up in the coal seam that way. But further testing showed that this wasn’t the case since it lacked the common elements like nickel, chromium or cobalt and the chunk of iron remained a mystery. Could this have been some kind of waste dropped a flying saucer or something?

4.The Sarmizegetusa (sar-mee-zedge-uh-joo-sa)-Hexagon
This ancient bronze matrix is over 2000 years old and is an extremely important piece of archaeology. This was found after a storm had hit the Sarmizegetusa area in western Romania. This bronze mold weighs about 20 pounds and was believed to have been used to construct decorative pieces made of precious metals of mythical creatures. Animals like lions, wolves, and vultures are carefully crafted on this object and it seems to extremely advanced for this period of time. This small village is really more of an archaeological dig site now and they’re hoping they can find more mysterious pieces like this one. It also believed that this was in fact from the Dacian civilization who were the ancient inhabitants of the Black Sea and challenged rome for power of Eastern Europe

3.Wedge of Aiud
This wedge was found during a construction project in Aiud, Romania and seems to be an out of place artifact that has made many people scratch their heads. It weighs about 4-5 pounds and was discovered next to a jaw bones of two mastodons in 35 feet of sand. Since it was on the same layer of sand as the mastodons, people believe the wedge is about 11,000 years old or possibly older. What makes this object even more mysterious, is that it’s made of aluminum. No one had ever really used aluminum effectively until about 1825 and it takes a great deal of heat in order for it to be melted down. Others believe this was part of a bigger tool that could have only been used by extraterrestrials or some advanced civilization who had the proper complex tools to melt aluminum. Others certainly believe it was just a well-executed hoax by the construction workers. What do you believe?

2.Alien Coin
If this coin can somehow prove life on another planet or that it was used by extraterrestrials, it could worth more than all the coins on this list combined! Researchers have found mysterious coins throughout the centuries but this one here has caused much intrigue among the UFO enthusiasts who’ve seen it. Of course, skeptics are going to jump to conclusions right away and call it a hoax, but what if it’s not? This was apparently discovered during a house renovation in Egypt. One side has the head of what looks like the grey species of alien while the backside seems to look like a spaceship hovering around. The inscription on the back has the latin phrase Opportunus Adest, which translates to it’s here in due time.


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