Mysteries That May Never Be Solved!

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From historical mysteries that everyone is confused about, to modern day medical mysteries, here are mysteries that may never be solved.

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5. Atlantis
Possibly the most mythical and mysterious of all lost civilizations is Atlantis. This was first mentioned by Plato, the Greek Philosopher. He talks about a highly advanced civilization, unlike any in the known world, that attacked Athens. They were somehow able to repel the attacks. At the end of the story, he talk about how the gods submerge the advanced nation with a flood and it sinks to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. Could Plato have possibly had some credibility to these claims or did he just make up the story as some kind of fictional work. Could it just be another civilization that truly existed, and is just waiting to be discovered at the bottom of the ocean?

4. Gobekli Tepe
This photo we see here is believed to be the world’s first temple known as Gobekli Tepe and it’s Turkey’s oldest known historical site which was built in 9,500 BC. It’s found southeast of the city of Urfa just north of the border with Syria. In the archaeological dig site, you’ll see standing stones, and pillars, which are arranged in circles. This is quite an impressive feat of engineering by people who were primarily hunters and gathers, predating any known civilization by thousands of years. The area where the temple was found was considered sacred for the large amount of wildlife and game found here by the tribes.

3.Phaistos Disc
Created from clay by the Minoan civilization, this rare artifact was discovered in the Minoan Palace of Phaistos located at the island of crete. It dates back to sometime in the 2nd millenium BC. But that doesn’t mean it was necessarily created t here The purpose behind it, where it was made and other factors make people think it’s one of the most mysterious ancient artifacts in the history of archaeology. Many attempts have also been made to try to break the code to the hieroglyphics which some think might be in alien writing. Witnesses of crashed flying saucers have reported seeing strange symbols like these inside the spacecraft. Others think it will be impossible to crack the code because it’s from a language unknown to humans. While skeptics still think it’s a complete hoax. Do you think you can solve this puzzle

2. Zealandia
Did your teachers ever tell you there were 7 continents on planet earth? Next time they do, remember to ask them about Zealand, the new 8th continent! Just recently last year, scientists officially recognized the continent known as Zealandia which might make new zealand feel a little bit proud! This is a mostly submerged landmass which just recently gained status as a continent. It was once apart of the supercontinent that separated from australia and antarctica when it broke off of Pangea 170 million years ago. 32 scientists from New zealand, dug into the crust of the mysterious supercontinent and discovered many unique fossils . This included plants that were only found on this continent, and various shellfish. Many mysteries about this continent have yet to be solved and more discoveries from here should come soon!


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