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MOST Protective Uniforms in the World

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Imagine being able to run around wherever you wanted to completely bulletproof, covering 60 percent parts of your body. Of course, that seems like any soldier’s dream, but could it become a reality? Possibly but only for some of the world’s most elite special forces when failure is certainly not an option! This futuristic operational suit is called the Iron Man Suit. General Joseph Votel state that, “Advanced Armor, cutting edge power sources, and integrated display systems are just a few of the results this project has wielded. During some of the interviews at the Special Operation Forces Industry Conference, many military officials were rather reluctant to speak about the new suit, but it definitely is going to have more than just armor. The fully enclosed helmet is going to have night vision and possibly other capabilities. The legs have motorized actuators which will take stress off the special forces agent’s legs. SOCOM is currently investing 80 million dollars worth of research just into this suit

Of course, the russians are going to have their own version of infantry uniform that will rival america’s best. The Ratnik program is fairly similar and is considered to be the future of infantry combat system. The improvements here include body armor, a helmet with a special eye monitor, communication systems and special headphones. The helmet will be equipped with thermal vision, night vision and a flashlight. The tactical vest will include plenty of pockets to place ammunition and the command leader will be given a navigation module which will help give commands on where to go. The Ratnik armor will cover roughly 90 percent of the soldiers body and can protect from sniper rifles and assault rifles. It’s believed that this will become standard equipment by the year 2020.

4.Firefighter Suit
A typical firefighter suit can cost well over a thousand bucks and are designed to handle an immense amount of heat stress if necessary. Many of them are custom designed for each person and do their best job to maintain some comfort. When your clothing will determine whether or not you become burnt to a crisp, it’s important to be well protected. For the serious fires that require the most protection, you’ll see the silver colored ones which can withstand splashes of molten metal.There are 3 main layers that make up a firefighters suit the outer layer, the moisture barrier and the thermal layer. The outer layer is made from carefully woven fibres of fire resistant material known as Nomex. Researchers who attempt to get a close up look at volcanos might also go with a similar suit design

3.NBC Suit
It almost seems as though the military has been training for kind of zombie apocalypse to break out and when it appears as though something might contain the virus, they’ll be putting on one of these suits. The military is one step ahead of the rest of us and have NBC suits which are a tad bit better. If you really want to take it to the next level though, you might want to consider getting some kind of NBC suit. We’re not talking about the tele-vision channel NBC stands for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical. All of those things are certainly capable of bringing on some form of zombie apocalypse, so it’s clearly an important piece of equipment. Most hazmat suits are sufficient with protection against chemicals and biological weapons but an NBC suit can help you surive in case the apocalypse is cause from. While most are made of some form of rubber or impermeable material, this is gonna get really hot! The kind you want to go for are the ones that incorporate a filter, allowing sweat and condensation to slowing leave.

2.Spider Silk Body Armor
Spider silk is known for it’s unbelievable durability and company called BioSteel hopes to profit off of Spider goat milk! Ok so the spider goat hybrid isn’t quite as scary as you might think it would look. But spider genes are inserted into lactating goats and the spider silk comes from their milk. Hopefully something doesn’t go wrong during one of these experiments. The goats don’t actually lactate spider webs or anything but the milk contains a specific protein which can be extracted. This extra protein that’s not usually there is used for what’s known as bio steel. Some sources claim this material is actually 9 times stronger than steel. Spider silk is much stronger than normal silk used for clothes, since the webs have to be able to catch bugs.

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