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MOST Protected Prisons in the World

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Some supermax prisons holding on to some of the most dangerous criminals in the world, to prisons where solitary confinement is enforced 23 hours a day, here the most protected prisons in the world.

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6. HM Prison Belmarsh
Located in the south east part of London, Hm Prison Belmarsh has held many high profile suspects including the Co -founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange. It’s classified as an adult/male category A and has been described as a British Guantanamo Bay. Many suspects are held here indefinitely without trial. It first opened 28 years ago and currently holds 910 people including guards. Some of Britain’s most dangerous convicts are being held here and they need to be carefully monitored to ensure that they don’t escape.

5. Ayalon Prison, Israel
Located in Ramla, Israel this prison was met with quite a bit of controversy when an australian man named Ben Zygier was being kept here. He was accused by Mossad for sabotaging a top secret operation to retrieve the bodies of Israeli soldiers in Lebanon. Nonetheless, it considered to be in the top 4 most secure prisons in Israel with a total of 625 different cells which are divided into 15 different wings. The rooms are built with the intention of preventing self harm and prisoners are given minimal privacy. It takes the design of a fortress with intimindating towers surrounding the walls. People who may have exposed secrets about israeli operations might also end up here.

4. Ofer Prison
Also located in Israel, this prison is primarily used for incarcerating palestinians with a total of 1,250 prisoners being held there. Some believe that it’s getting overcrowded though since it was mainly built for about 800 prisoners. The site was once home to a Jordanian Military Base that was abandoned around 1968 and 20 years later, the site was transformed into a prison. There have been clashes with guards in the past but it’s unlikely they will be able to completely subdue them.

3. Alcatraz
Many have attempted to leave the island of Alcatraz but have failed. Although it’s no longer in use as a prison, it’s one of the most well known in the United States. Many were shot, or drowned in the San Francisco Bay. Alcatraz island was originally built was a fortress but later transformed into a military prison in 1868 and then a federal prison in 1963. In 1986 it became a National Historic Landmark and can be reached by a quick ferry ride. The lighthouse is the oldest one built on the west coast and legendary escapes from the prison had been turned into movies! Inmates Clarence and John Anglin and Frank Morris made paper mache heads and put them in their beds before they broke out of the prison building on June 11th 1962. The managed to leave the island on an inflatable raft. Where the escaped inmates fled to is unsure. Some believed they managed to flee to Brazil but no physical evidence was supported. What do you believe?

2. Clinton Correctional Facility
Another supermax prison in New York, this one is located much further upstate, near the canadian border. It’s been given the nickname of New York’s Siberia due to the cold weather and isolation of the area. The staff includes about 1000 people or so with a capacity of 2,959 prisoners. The walls stand over 60 feet tall and it’s known to house more of the insane convicts of New York as opposed to sing sing. The entire city of Dannemora, NY, was on alert when it was declared that Richard Matt and David Sweat, both convicted of first degree murder escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility. So how on earth were they able to get power tools into the prison? Joyce Mitchell, who we see in this photo was accused of helping the two convicts. Just recently she was denied parole for what she had done, which means she’ll be in prison for at least 2.5 years.


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