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The competition between nations to overpower each and possibly control the world has lead to huge advancements in technology. There are 195 countries on earth, but without strong alliances, many of these countries would be overran in a matter of a few weeks by more powerful opponents. From strong Nato countries with good connections to other countries we may want to try to improve relations with, here are the most powerful militaries in 2017 and 2018

10. Israel
Israel is known for surpassing their competition in the middle east with modern weapons and a gender equal military. Women in the Israeli Defense forces are allowed to have up to 96% of the same roles men can fill in the military. Since Israel is such a small country that covers important land, all Israeli citizens must serve their country’s military unless they’re injured or for religious reasons. They’re also have a group of elite special forces known as Sayeret Matkal who are carefully selected to be the smartest and to be in the best physical condition available. They’re available manpower reaches 3.6 million people who are armed to the teeth with weapons like the uzi or desert eagle pistols. Israel has been stepping up their game with drones and remote aircraft recently and their total aircraft totals up to 596 planes in their air force. They know how to use a helicopter effectively in battle and put an end to a massive tank invasion during the seven day war thanks to their well-executed tactics. Israel is also quite ambiguous with their stance on nuclear weapons but they could have a fairly good stockpile With no aircraft carriers though, this one can’t make it too far on our list.

9. Germany
Just because the Germans lost a long time ago doesn’t mean they’re not quietly creating a strong military again. This country possesses a very modernized military with plenty of aircraft with a total of 714 aircraft total. These iron birds in the sky, are give a nifty zebra print paint job by the German Military. The 4657 Panavia Tornado is one heck of a combat aircraft used by multiple air forces in Europe and in Saudi Arabia. It’s seen combat in the Bosnian War, the Iraq War and Libyan Civil war and small roles in Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria. Germany would put up a good fight on the land using blitzkrieg tactics with roughly 4,620 armored fighting vehicles 432 combat tanks. Being the economic powerhouse of Europe, Germany uses the intimidating Kampfpanzer Leopard as their main battle tank. Due to treaty restriction, Germany isn’t allowed to possess nuclear weapons, they can’t station bases on foreign lands and no more than 370,000 personnel. The German manufacturer Heckler and Koch manufactures various high quality firearms which equippe foreign militaries and even the US, so it shouldn’t be a huge surprise they have a good army.

8. Japan
Although it’s not samurai in the battlefield anymore, the Japanese possess a great amount of resources and economic strength,which is seen in their advanced military. This moe-style helicopter is part of the Japanese Armed Forces and they like to show how serious they take their anime over there. This was presented to the military with help from this cosplay woman as part of the air show, and even if it doesn’t go off into battle it’s still pretty awesome. Japan isn’t technically allowed to have an army, just a defense force after World War II. But if godzilla ever actually does attack Japan, their military would put a good fight! With many miles of coastline, it seems essential to have a strong navy with 4 total aircraft carriers, 36 destroyers, and 17 submarines. Being close to strong countries such as Russia, China, and North Korea, there’s no doubt that Japan would expand their military. Japan is hoping for a reversal of not being able to possess nuclear weapons as tensions began to increase with North Korea.

7. South Korea
When you got some crazy neighbors to the north, you gotta protect yourself! In this photo we see the South Korean special warfare trainees that are covering themselves in snow without shirts on to help toughen them up both physically and mentally. South Korea is forced to evolve and takes things to the next level, contains a good degree of balance in their army air force and Navy. Their updated navy is trained to hunt down North Korean nuclear submarines and being allied with the US means they get t–o learn a few things from us on how to do things right! South Korea’s airforce isn’t too shabby, using the ROKAF F-15k striker as one of their fighter planes. They also can go with the Kai T-50 Golden Eagle which is a supersonic, lightweight, combat aircraft good for a variety of uses. In case of a land attack, South Korea has 2,654 combat tanks, 3480 at their disposal. It doesn’t seem that South Korea has any nuclear weapons but we’re sure they could get some from their allies if they really needed some, but it would probably start some drama with their neighbors.

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