MOST Insane Submarines

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From submarines ready to launch nukes at any moment, to subs that have been transformed into playgrounds, here are 17 strangest submarine photos.

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8. US Seawolf
Despite the US Navy not having a great presence in the Arctic Sea, this nuclear submarine called the Seawolf can spend months undersea and then surface near the north pole. This photo here displays one of the US Seawolves doing just that with some of the crew on the deck, getting a breath of chilly air. It’s limitless range makes it perfect for exploring the deep oceans and it really only needs to be docked in order to reup on supplies.

7.Virginia Class Submarines
This class of submarine is really in a class of its own. It is expected to remain in service for at least the next 43 years. Each one is crafted carefully which requires an estimated 9 million labor hours for construction of a single Virginia Class Submarine. These are supposed to be America’s most advanced series of submarines to this date and they plan to build another 35 of these. You can imagine these would be expensive to construct, considering there’s a nuclear reactor on board! There’s also several new features that have never been seen before on US submarines classes. This includes new sonar systems, accurate cruise missile firing systems, pump-jet propulsor and improved gear for to save the crew in case it sinks. Many have called it the Ferrari of submarines and only the best trained submariners will have the chance to ride in it. Cost per submarine.. $ 2.5 Billion

6. Navy Seal Pickup
When submarines aren’t completely underwater, helicopters can swoop carefully near the ships deck and pick up special forces. Hopefully it doesn’t get too slippery on there or someone might fall in. The photo was taken in may of 2012 of a nuclear submarine with some seals on top. Navy seals have also be known to swim out of submerged vehicles near enemy targets. Sometimes this is the most discreet way to conduct some sabotage..

5. Aberlady Bay Submarines
There are a total of at least 8 wrecks tallied here, 2 of which are from XT submarines. XT-class submarines like you see in this photo are classified as midget submarines that were built for the royal navy between 1943-1944. The craft are about 51 feet long and 5.5 feet in diameter and can displace 30 tons of water while submerged. Used as target practice by the British royal air force, they were completely obliterated and left abandoned at this UK nature reserve. Does the wreckage serve some historical value to the public or do they just not want to pick it up? Or both.

4. Narco Subs
Many of these are found abandoned after they’ve broken down and can be found rotting on the banks for river, like this one we see here from the country of ecuador. The subs are also constructed with cameras one for daytime and the other with night vision to help them navigate the seas no matter what hour it is. Some transporters prefer to go slow, but make many drop offs to cities in Mexico. One run with this much cargo may take about two weeks. They should get used to the small spaces, because if they get caught, they’ll be doing some serious time in a prison cell.

3. 1000 Ton Piece of Sub
Modern day submarines are massive without a doubt but it’s not always easy getting the pieces together in order to build them! This piece of the submarine you see in the photo, was constructed by BAE Systems, the same people who brought you HAARP and it’s completely draped so you have no idea what it looks like. It’s apparently a large piece of a nuclear submarine that weighs an estimated 1000 tons! This set the record for being the largest piece of machinery ever made by BAE that we know of and some claim it’s apart of an Astute class submarine, which is the latest class of British submarines.

2. Canal Barge Replica
It the UK city of Liverpool, this canal barge might confuse people at first but it’s actually been turned into a unique replica. The owner decided to transform it into a model of a German U-boat which was a sub that wreaked havoc on the allies 80 years ago. Some passersby were quite startled with their discovery and thought that maybe it was actually a machine of war. Luckily, no torpedos were on board this time and the germans aren’t invading anyone. The display cost 50,000 pounds for the u-boat design to be placed on this. The person who completed the project is fascinated with naval history and loves his new toy!

1. Submarine Playground
It’s interesting to see how machines of war can be transformed into places where children can laugh and play, while they have no idea the havoc these things are capable of. This is found at the Technik museum in Germany which consists of a real German U-boat! This was known as a U9 and people can climb in for themselves. There isn’t a ton of information in English when you google it but it’s known that this one has been decommissioned since 1993.

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