Most Expensive Things Ever Thrown Away!

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You might see some people digging through the trash and you have to wonder sometimes if they might find something valuable. People are known to be wasteful sometimes and they might not even realize what they’re getting rid of. With more and more land being completely consumed with what some deem as invaluable, discoveries are bound to be made. Some people’s trash can certainly be someone else’s treasure. Here are most expensive things ever thrown away.

10. Mayan Artifacts
It’s important to know about history because if you come across important ancient artifacts you’ll know that they’re gonna be worth some money. A mysterious barrel was discovered by a garbage man working in the soho district of New York City. Not wanting something valuable to go to waste. He took home the barrel and was shocked when he looked inside. Dozens of ancient mayan artifacts dating from 300 BC to 500 AD. It turns out that the artifacts belonged to the artist Clinton Hill who passed away in 2003. Eventually the valuables were left to a foundation that helps clear cluttered spaces and the workers must have not been paying attention in history class. One of the objects were a stone ax that was used during sacrificial rituals. A lot of things like ancient pottery would be tough to identify as valuable without a historian.

9. Weapons Grade Plutonium
Refining plutonium dug out of the ground and turning it into weapons grade plutonium is an expensive and extremely hazardous process. Plutonium 239 is made artificially and first, one neuron must be absorbed by a uranium 239 atom. This makes the plutonium more reactive and ready to set off easier. Workers at a landfill made an unexpected discovery after opening an old safe which happened to be storing plutonium 239. The landfill was located near the hanford site in southeastern washington where the original atom bomb was made. Just one breath near plutonium 239 can cause fatal lung cancer. This was from the Manhattan Project and it’s very mysterious how it ended up there. While it’s not enough plutonium to cause a mushroom cloud, it would have certainly been enough for terrorists to create a dirty bomb. If the landfill workers had connections to the lack market, who knows how much it could have sold for.

8. Million Dollar Lotto Ticket
Imagine having a million dollar winning lotto ticket that you misread that turned out to be a winner. It’s every lotto players worst nightmare and a winning ticket was found in a trashcan near little rock arkansas. A woman named sharon jones must have been having one heck of a lucky day when she learned about the ticket’s location and that the real owner hadn’t claimed the prize yet. When they found out that she found it, the store owners and the original buyer of the ticket took her to court over who the real owner should be. Eventually it was decided that the true owner should be the one who threw it away but this lead to an appeal by Jones. The store owner who owned the trashcan where it was found was not entitled to any winnings. It became a lengthy court case where it turns out that finders aren’t always keepers.

7. Pricey Violin
Many people wouldn’t consider simply throwing away a violin and they certainly wouldn’t do it if they knew it was worth 50,000 dollars. Giuseppe pedrazzini might not really be very recognizable name to most people but he’s actually a pretty big deal in italy. Anything made by him can go for thousands of dollars. Someone was looking for a used violin to give to their wife at a garbage dump and came across a one of a kind masterpiece. After taking a closer look, the man decided it seemed rather unique and wanted it inspected by an expert at the antiques road show. The man was shocked that he could make 50,000 dollars so easily but eventually just decided to keep it for him and his wife to enjoy

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