Most EXPENSIVE Divorces

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Anywhere from about 51 percent of all marriages in the US end in divorce and Hollywood certainly seems to be helping that statistic grow just a little higher! GEtting married might seem like a good investment at the time but things don’t always work out as planned. Is divorcing someone really worth the millions of dollars and child support! Maybe so if you can afford it! From getting massive mansions in legal settlements to women who we aren’t necessarily saying are gold diggers but, here are most expensive celebrity divorces…

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6.Steven Spielberg
Being a legendary filmmaker, steven spielberg certainly made a risky decision by not getting an official prenup. The prenup was apparently scribbled on a napkin and it did not hold up in divorce court. This would ultimately lead to one of the most expensive divorces of all time in American histor y. His ex wife, Amy Irving reportedly walked away with 100 million dollars which was roughly half of what he had earned during the time of the marriage. Their marriage only lasted 4 years which gives you an idea of the kind of dough that was rolling in. Spielberg only lost about 1 tenth of his net worth so it could have definitely been a lot worse.

5.Tiger Woods Divorce
Once you become rich and famous, having just one woman for the rest of your life can certainly bore some people. As Americans, we are not fans of adultery; especially with 100’s of women. The reason for Tiger Woods divorce was rather obvious and he’d be forced to pay. Elin discovered text messages in his phone from all kinds of women and it was clear that Tiger had a voracious appetite. When the cheating scandal came out after the crashed Cadillac Escalade, we all felt betrayed in some way because this man was on video game covers, nike ads and was a huge role model to kids for so long. Everyone realized this supposed role model was having mistresses who were in the adult film industry, Las Vegas nightclub promoters, reality stars, and even cougars. Poor Elin! Although they had originally signed a prenup, Elin’s legal team managed to settle for 110 million dollars

4.Michael and Juanita Jordan
Michael Jordan was one of the most successful NBA players of all time and will always be in the conversation for the best player to have ever played the game. Unfortunately, the success in his marriage was rather limited. Some are begining to wonder if he was also the greatest cheater of all time. Being married to an extremely wealthy person can have it’s challenges and being a star like michael would have resulted in much temptation . The couple got married at an early part of michael’s life and it was because juanita got pregnant. He felt obligated to tie the knot and both parties willingly signed a prenup which helped limit the damage but not all of it. Rumors online would make tiger woods infidelity seem a picnic at grandma’s house in comparison to his alleged affairs. According to some sources, he would definitely have his entourage interview any woman he got involved with in order to make sure she wasn’t going to narc him out. Whatever the reason for the divorce was, his wife juanita made a whopping 168 million dollars and is also took a seven acre estate in the chicago area. That amounts to roughly 1 third of his wealth.

3.Mel Gibson’s Divorce
Imagine having your ex wife be entitled to half of your earnings for the rest of your life. Such is the case for Mr Mel Gibson who married a dental assistant that stole his heart. The two were married for 26 years and they had no prenuptial agreement which ultimately lead to the most expensive divorce in hollywood history. It was all Mel’s fault in this case and the two filed for divorce when he announced that he was having a baby with his Russian mistress named Oksana. The couple owned property together all around the world which had to be divided in half accordingly to the settlement. Half of his net worth equated to roughly 425 million dollars.

2.Jocelyn Wildenstein
Jocelyn is famous for her massive 2.5 billion dollar divorce settlement, being a wife of some wealthy men and now for being the lion woman of new york. Born into a rich swiss family, she travelled extensively where she met her wealthy husband Alec Wildenstein who was an art collector and horse racing expert. After getting married, jocelyn began using the money she was earning from being married towards cosmetic surgery which would prove to be a horrible decision. Once she found out her husband had cheated on her with a russian model, the plastic surgeries went into full-force and it got outta control! She would continually change her appearance to look more cat-like but she would turn herself into a monster instead. She’s tried to keep a low profile but is occasionally seen at some arts hows in new york city.


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