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Most DANGEROUS Survival Tips!

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During some of the most treacherous and unpredictable situations, you’ll need to know how make it out alive. There are a lot of rumors and myths out there about the best ways to survive certain events but how many of those actually work. Can some of those myths actually be even more harmful in the long run? From the first things you need to do during a nuclear apocalypse to stuff you should avoid eating in the wilderness, here are the most dangerous survival tips.

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7.Jam It Back In
While it might not be a matter of living or not living, you definitely don’t want to be missing any teeth. You ever thought about getting into a bar fight with the person hitting on your girlfriend but didn’t want to risk losing your teeth for her? Well that’s okay. In some cases, a tooth that’s been knocked out can be saved if your able to jam it back into the empty socket within 5 minutes of getting punched. Do NOT scrub or clean the tooth since this could remove important tissue. If the tooth doesn’t go back into place make sure you put it in a glass of milk or a sterile saline solution. Then head to the dentist immediately!

6.No Campfire in Cave
It might seem like a good idea to build a campfire inside a cave at first and you’re probably thinking that it would be save since cavemen used to do it all the time. Well not all caves are built equally and making a campfire inside one can certainly cause some issues. Fires use up a lot of oxygen and depending on how far away from the entrance you are, you might end up using to much and asphyxiate yourself. The heat emitted from a cave fire can also cause the ceiling of the cave to expand and cause a collapse. Think this is totally crazy? Well in 2009, a group of campers were victims of a cave collapse due to a campfire. It might even ignite certain flammable gasses that can be stored inside. So watch out.

5.Don’t Eat Anything!
While trying to survive in the forest, it’s better to be safe than sorry. This means avoiding certain plants. Toxic plants often have similar characteristics. Plants with thorns don’t look too appetizing to begin with so it’s best just to avoid them for the most part. However, cactuses can be useful in some situations; we’ll get to more on this one later. Avoid eating any plants that contain an almond like odor. This can usually carry a deadly poison called cyanide. Avoid 3 leaved growth pattern like poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac. Anything with a bitter or soapy taste, spit out immediately, and also any plant you notice with a milky or strange colored sap. Also if you see any plant that looks like this, don’t eat it! It’s the castor oil plant that creates ricin, which is extremely deadly.

4.Don’t Shake the Vending Machine
Vending machines contain all kinds of crazy products nowadays especially if you live in Japan but you should really avoid shaking those things if your product gets stuck! Shaking a vending machine at the very best might give you a free soda, but is it worth the entire machine falling and landing on tvop of you? Don’t take that chance. In fact, you’re more than twice as likely to be involved in a vending machine accident than you are to be involved in a shark attack.

3.Don’t Pee on the Sting
You might have heard it from somewhere that it was a good idea to have you or your friend pee on your jellyfish sting because of some chemical in your urine that helps numb the pain. The only problem is that this a horrible idea unless for some reason you just want to get peed on. Jellyfish can cause quite a bit of pain and it comes from nematocysts found in jellyfish venom that becomes attached to anything that touches their tentacles. While most jellyfish can’t cause severe harm, you can bet your money those stings are going to itch and bother you for quite some time. The best thing you can do to reduce the pain is actually to pour vinegar on it or even saltwater. Urine might actually cause more irritation.

2.Alcohol to Stay Warm
Contrary to popular belief in Russia, drink large amounts of vodka might not be the best thing to do if you’re trying to stay warm. You might feel like it’s warm in your belly after drinking some but it’s sort of a sneaky lie your body plays on you. Alcohol can actually cause your blood vessels to dilate which might make your feel warmer but it plays no role in increasing your body temperature. This might lead to hypothermia if your not careful, especially if you pass out drunk during a snowstorm


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