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Most DANGEROUS Metals in the World

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So you thought using deodorant or antiperspirant was completely harmless, did ya? Did you ever stop to think exactly what kind of paint was being using on your kids toys? It’s a miracle how humans can survive on planet earth considering how many elements there are out there that are trying their best to hurt us. While many of these metals have some type of practicality, others just simply exist to bring upon destruction.

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Aluminum seems to be making it into our food somehow and while it may be useful for manufacturing airplanes, it’s not so useful in our bellies. While small doses of this metal go relatively unnoticed , after a long time, it starts to build up into our bodies and start to cause problems. Prolonged exposure can affect the body’s musculoskeletal system, causing problems with the brain, bones, cause dementia and even seizures, according to some sources. The recent studies on aluminum are making many wonder if it’s worth wrapping up their potatoes in aluminum foil anymore. Pickles are another food that hiding this element and it’s used in the pickling process. Many people unknowingly are exposed to aluminum in our antiperspirant which has actually lead to a lot of people to stop using deodorant. There’s also some outrage about aluminum being found inside vaccines What do you guys think? Is aluminium dangerous? Let us know in the comment section

This massive hole in the ground in Butte, Montana used to be a prosperous copper mine but now it’s filled with extremely toxic chemicals and you shouldn’t go in the pool here! It’s about a half mile in diameter and approximately 1,780 feet deep. Industrial chemicals such as copper, arsenic, cadmium, zinc and sulfuric acid are all found in the pit of this toxic lake. Cadmium is becoming more and more common. Placed next to silver and below zinc on the periodic table of elements, many of might have come into contact with this substance at a young age. It’s found inside old batteries, especially inside batteries used for remote control cars It was also used for orange paint in for trains, cars and even cooking ware. If mixed with sulfur it become sulphuric cadmium which is even more dangerous. This toxic mixture was still praised by artists and used in paint by artists such as van gogh and matisse. It might have even been used in your tattoos! Despite its toxicity, it’s still a very useful metal that’s used in electronics.

A vital component of smoke detectors is the small piece of radioactive metal known as Americium-241 and its cased in aluminum. This is the only synthetic isotope to actually find its way into people’s homes. The only way it could be harmful would be if someone swallowed or inhaled it which would be sort of strange if that were to happen. Smoke detectors start off with nearly pure Americium-241 but over a course of about 30 years it’ll be reduced to a new element called neptunium which is a byproduct of nuclear reactors. Since smoke alarms save people lives there’s obvious reasons why you would want something like this to always be working!

Thallium is considered to be an extremely poisonous substance, so poisonous and effective, it was used in rat poisoning for quite some time. Not only is it very deadly, it’s also tasteless and odorless, gaining notoriety of being a murder weapon. Since 1972, the US has prohibited its use due to concerns about safety. It earned the nickname of the poisoners poison and inheritance powder. It’s fairly abundant and not too difficult to find in Earth’s crust as opposed to some metals on this list. It can be dangerous if you touch it and thallium exposure is regulated in some workplaces. It used to be used also for medical reasons and for the treatment of ringworm or other skin infections but in very small doses of course. Anyone who’s accidently ingest thalium must immediately take what’s known as prussian blue, which is a compound that absorbs thallium quite effectively.


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