MOST Dangerous Destinations of 2019

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Civil unrest continues to increase in places around the world and deadly diseases are beginning to break out in some popular tourist hotspots. MIlitant groups have targets foreign travellers in some of these places and it might be a good idea to stay out. The government has released multiple warnings to trying to keep people out but sometimes people just don’t want to listen. From beach party spots starting to get a bad reputation, to places where the rioting doesn’t stop, here are the most dangerous destinations in 2019

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5. Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea was a fairly popular tourist attraction for New Zealanders and Australians. It’s home to great scuba diving, surfing , volcanoes, botanical gardens, fishing, anything you could really hope for during a tropical vacation and this country attracts about 70,000 tourists each year. But it is it really that safe? In recent times, there’s been armed conflict between the Burmese military against various armed ethnic groups along several borders. In 2016, German tourists were injured after accidently stepping on a landmine in the northern part of the country. Many countries have issued travel warnings for their citizens planning to go here due to it’s high level of violent crime. Lone foreign females are advised not to travel unescorted in Port Moresby, you can probably guess why. It is also not the most friendly toward the LGBT community and it’s a criminal offense. Approach with caution.

4. Morocco
The country of Morocco is becoming increasingly dangerous in recent times despite the US travel board not issuing any specific warnings about going there. A security alert was issued in 2018 about terrorists in morocco targeting americans who were on vacation, which is certainly not something to take lightly. Crime is still a serious concern in this country which you should at least be aware of. A majority of the crimes that are committed here include aggressive panhandling, purse snatching, theft from vehicles and the harassment of women is a constant struggle. Travellers are warned to avoid soccer stadiums since the fans can get a little unruly at times and assault bystanders. The laws here a little bit different and displays of public affection can certainly be frowned upon. Any medical staff that you might need most likely won’t know a word of english. It’s not the most unsafe place on this list but it definitely has the potential to get worse with people often coming to morocco from Europe in order to join isis.

3. India
India is home to many tourist attractions that are on people’s bucket lists such as the Taj Mahal but recently, it doesn’t seem like the best country to come to or parts of it at least. India is suffering from a slew of problems such as overpopulation, public defecation and pollution. A massive poisoning caused from bootleg liquor might make you think twice about having a drink here. 150 didn’t survive and 200 more were treated for severe illness. Although this type of liquor is not likely to end up in the hands of tourists there are many other dangers to be aware of. In 2018, India suffered an outbreak of the Nipah virus which is extremely rare but has horrifying zombie like symptoms. The Nipah virus affects the brain causing cranial inflammation, disorientation, mental confusion, fever and can certainly be fatal. It’s one of the least safe places to travel if you’re a woman. Going anywhere in western india can be even more dangerous due to India’s ongoing conflict with Kashmir, a conflict that might end someday with nuclear war!

2. Philippines
Those who are considering coming to the philippines better express extra caution while doing so and track the news about what’s going on recently there. Just recently in 2019, a church bombing took place at a roman catholic cathedral, claiming over 20 lives and injuring dozens more.The Southern region of the Philippines is also believed to be an aggressive training ground for terrorists and pirates who conduct kidnappings. A war has been going on here between the christians and muslims for decades now and it doesn’t seem to be getting much better. The waters of the island country are turning into lawless safe havens for dangerous criminals. These aren’t the kind of pirates you see with cool hats, eye patches and parrots. If these guys come across some vessels, the crews are robbed and the boats are stripped of its cargo.


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