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MOST Dangerous and Mysterious Mountains

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From mountains shrouded in ancient legends, to the highest peak in our solar system, here are the most dangerous and mysterious mountains

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5. Angel’s Landing
Found at Zion National park in Utah, this well known hiking location doesn’t just look unusual, it’s also quite dangerous to those who aren’t taking the hike seriously. This formation juts out from the ground 1,488 feet and provides spectacular views of the valley below. The trail to get to the top has been known to be extremely strenuous and there’s no mattress at the bottom in case you fall.There’s been a recorded 5 fatalities recorded by park officials and there’s only a chain to help you get to the top. The layers of rock date back to 270 million years ago back when dinosaurs roaming the planet.

4. Cheyenne Mountain
It was built during the cold war as a military installation and is capable of withstanding multiple nuclear strikes, chemical warfare attacks and most importantly biological attacks in the case of a full blown apocalypse. The 25 ton blast proof doors found here won’t be easy enough to get just get a battering ram and knock yourself in there. And no is going to let you in. Cheyenne Mountain is often referred to as the Fortress of America. The complex is almost like a small city underneath 2000 feet of solid granite rock and is basically the biggest and baddest nuclear bunker ever made. No one really knows exactly what’s going on here but it’s known that they have their own nuclear power plant close by and it’s quite fortified for an isolated place.. There’s far more armed guards and security here than the Pentagon! All kinds of accommodations are found here with plenty of guns and ammunition just in case.

3. Olympus Mons
Allow us to take a quick trip to the planet mars to discuss the largest geological structure in the solar system. Olympus mons and you can see it rather clearly in this image, popping out of the surface. This was captured by the Phoenix mars lander in 2008 and this volcano rises 13.6 miles high. If you put this thing on earth, you can tell it would be about as large as the country of france. Although the slopes aren’t too steep, with that much size at the base, it wouldn’t be clear theoretically for a person to know they were at the summit once they made it to the top. The slope of the volcano would cover up an horizon even if it was on a clear day. The real mystery about this place is if it could still be active or not. Scientists feel as though right now, Olympus mons is just dormant and might be taking a quick break before it erupts again some day. Oh yeah and maybe there’s aliens, who knows.

2. Mount Kilimanjaro
With part of the name sounding like “killa man” it’s safe to assume it’s a little dangerous. You can there’s not as much snow as some of the others but it still has it’s obstacles. Some have claimed that climbing the tallest mountain in Africa is one of the most dangerous things you could possibly do in your life. About 1000 people are evacuated each year while 10 might not make it out alive. Some believe that number could be much higher. The reason for this is typically from altitude sickness like on many high mountains. Climbers claim that alititude edemas or hypothermia can happen at any time, not matter how hard you’ve trained or what your workout routine is. Getting up a 19,000 foot tall mountain Many guidelines are given to and climber brave enough to try to take on this extreme challenge and make it safer but it almost seems to easy to get hurt here. As opposed to Mt. Blanc, there have been no reports of cliff falls but avalanches and rocks falling are a whole nother story. And unlike most mountains, this mountain is actually home to honey badgers, so watch out!

1. The Caucasus Mountains
The caucasus mountains in Russia seem to be the setting for much mystery, and dispute since ancient times. There are various displays of houses known as dolmen. These have puzzled archaeologists since they were discovered. These are 25,000 year old buildings some believed they were only 4-6000 years old. That’s not it though. Rumors have spread around about there being the last remaining tribe of Neanderthals living within the caves.

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