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Most BIZARRE Subcultures

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We all have quirky habits, many of which we keep extremely private. But imagine the possibilities when you realize that other people share your quirky habits? These subcultures are all about that, and have like-minded people all enjoying the same, weird thing!

6 – Gyaru
As is to be expected in Japan, there are several slightly peculiar subcultures, one of them being Gyaru. Gyaru means gal, and it was taken from the 1968 Levi’s campaign which had the slogan, “Levi’s for Gals”. Dress code could be the equivalent of Snooki and the Jersey shore girls. Think big blonde hair, orange fake tans, loads of make-up and revealing clothing. Gyaru’s have many subcategories, depending on gender and choice of fashion, for example, a Gyaru mama is a gal mamma who continues to dress in the gyaru style after having children.

5 – Visual Kei
Back to Japan we go and meet those that follow Visual Kei, a mishmash between 80s gear, heavy metal, goth-inspired costumes, Lolita’s, vampire and big hair. It’s a great combination and anything goes! It’s an androgynous subculture with loads of makeup and a very distinct musical sound. Some in the music industry have classed Visual Kei as an entire genre of music.

4 – Dandyism or Flappers
This is a subculture that I wouldn’t mind seeing catch on more! It’s mainly the girls who are part of this group, which sees the fashion of the 1920s being brought back to life. Think sequinned clothing, beads, heels, red lipstick. Some guys enjoy it too and have reinvented the tweed suit and bowler hat! Jazz clubs and card playing are also a large part of dandyism.

3 – Steampunk
And on to one that is a little more familiar and one that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast – Steampunk! It’s Victorian fashion with modern elements and it’s been going strong since 2005. There’s even a TV show called Steampunk’d. Copper is a big part of the trend, corsets, boots, frilly white shirts, petticoats and round glasses. Top hats are a great addition to any outfit along with anachronistic technological accessories.

2 – Memecore
Not a day goes by that we are not exposed to several memes, and Memecore is a fashion subculture where people wear large-scale prints of those memes like grumpy cats, or the world record egg or whatever else happens to be trending now. Even Moschino runways have had models walk the ramp in oversized McDonalds and Spongebob inspired clothing.

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