Most Advanced Modern Aircraft

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From the comfort of Air Force One only fit for the president, to planes large enough to fly with a space shuttle on its back, here are the Most Advanced Modern Aircraft

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5. Antonov AN-225

Possibly the largest airplane ever constructed was the Antonov AN-225 Mriya which first took flight in 1988. You can certainly tell the photographer probably went through a lot to get this photo. The aircraft was specifically designed to transport spacecraft such as the one we see here known as the “buran”. How much does this behemoth weigh your probably asking? 628,000 pounds without the spacecraft! And it can reach speeds of 528 miles an hour. Since the end of the cold war, it’s been used for various other reasons and it still has very good potential as a transport vehicle. In some cases, the US government even used it to transport military supplies to the middle east. You can probably imagine this thing eats up quite a bit of gasoline

4. F35

Originally meant to replace the F-16, this advanced aircraft is a compact super computer flying machine that’s capable of short runways. It’s commonly placed on aircraft carrier and enjoys a short take off distance. It’s expected that the US will export these to various allies who are in need of a little upgrade. Many have ridiculed the F-35 feeling like we should have got a better aircraft for the amount of time and money that was put into the project. Whether you like it or not, it can actually fire 3300 rounds per minute and can max out at speeds of 1550 miles per hour

3. Sukhoi SU-57

You better believe, Russia has a few secret weapons up their sleeve and russia has built their own superjet known as the sukhoi SU-57. We all know about Russia’s missile program and there’s no doubt the sukhoi can deliver some advanced fire power if necessary. Reaching speeds of 1,600 miles an hour and looking quite smooth, it glides through the sky without having to spend trillions of dollars. It’s range maxes out at 3,500 miles but it always get refueled in mid air if it has too. Many consider this to be Russia’s next generation of advanced fighters due to the 10 tons of explosives each one is capable of carrying and their extremely maneuverable capabilities.

2. F22

This is the most expensive and advanced aircraft that the US has in their arsenal. It’s quite similar to the F35 only slightly larger. Capable of nearly complete stealth against enemies, it carries a wide variety of explosives and can take off vertically if necessary. This advanced aircraft was designed by Lockheed and martin and takes advantage of lightweight alloys, advanced propulsion te Many feel as though it’s nearly unmatched on many different levels of other fighters out there. These will be deployed for various reasons including offensive and defensive operations. It’s not just capabilities of this aircraft that make it advanced. The pilot gets to enjoy a state of the art helmet as well. It contains an active matrix liquid crystal display system, integrated day and night camera, sensor fusion and various zoom in capabilities. Due to the high cost however, Russia and China believe they can construct aircraft almost just as good, but at a fraction of the price.

1. Laser Fighter Jets

You ever play laser tag with your friends and wish you were shooting real lasers more realistic?! This is sort of like that much more extreme! The USA appears to be the first country with laser fighter jets which could begin a generation of air dominance although Russia might have their own design as well. These lasers will be tested in 2019 and the jets will be able to achieve supersonic speeds. A company called Northrop Grumman is working with the US Air Force in order to get these bad boys into the skies for real! The technology they’re seeking is known as directed energy systems. A laser works from directing electricity and light through special glasses or lenses to create a high energy beam. Laser guided technologies have been used to help aim weapons but we haven’t really seen lasers as weapons. A larger enough laser will emit enough energy by essentially heating it’s target. Here in this photo, we see a car that was shot with a laser beam from a mile away! It will be interesting to watch the advancements on this one in the near future.

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