Most Advanced Military Helicopters

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Being an attack helicopter pilot is no easy task and pilots must keep the fact in the back of their head that something could go wrong at any moment. While airplanes glide through the skies to get to their destination, helicopters have to fight against the skies with high speed blades. But if one thing is certain, if you got the chance to ride in one of these on this list, you would certainly get to the chopper! From state of the art helicopters designed for search and destroy missions, to helicopters that are proven in combat, here the most advanced attack helicopters

13. Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion
This was designed for the US Marine Corps and is much wider than previous variants of other Sikorsky Helicopters. It will be the largest and heaviest aircraft in the US military. Each one of these will cost taxpayers 125 million dollars each! Which might make you think someone is ripping us off just a tad. We plan on buying 200 of these and we put them on a test drive in April 2014 but more modifications need to be made to its lifting capacity to make them military ready.. Hopefully Uncle Sam’s credit card won’t get declined. These will reach speeds of 196 mph and have room for 37 troops. It’s almost like a battle helicopter and transport helicopter all mixed into one.

12. Chinook
The fastest moving helicopter used by the US is the CH-47F Chinook which can move at a reported speed of 195 miles per hour. These choppers have been renowned for their search and rescue missions and is widely used by the air force. The updated versions of the chinooks have been extremely powerful. It included new engines, an advanced flight control system and certain avational feature. They’ve also been known to help out with forest fires that start to get out of control by dropping a red liquid on it. This helicopter is often exported to other countries such as italy, china, saudi arabia and united arab emirates.

11. Super Cobra
The super cobra is a lean mean fighting machine mainly used by the US army and US Marine and is apart of the Huey family of rotor aircraft. The first flight of a super cobra took place in 1969 during the vietnam conflict but upgrades have certainly taken place since then. Between 1967 and 1973, the cobra logged in over a million operational hours in the southeast part of asia. Although this is used by the US primarily, it’s been exported to countries like Iran, Israel, Turkey and Taiwan as well which hopefully doesn’t bite us in the butt later on. So what about the firepower you’re asking? Well it’s typically fitted with 20 millimeter triple barreled gatling guns, Hydra 70 mm rockets and 127 millimeter zuni rockets for ground assualts. If they’re gonna try to fire against other aircraft, they’ll likely use something like AGM-114 hellfire Missiles or AIM Sidewinder anti aircraft missiles instead.

10. CAIC Z-10
This attack helicopter is produced by China and has been a force to reckon with since December of 2012. It gets the nickname of the black whirlwind and with a price tag of 17 million dollar, it takes on a made in China discount. You can tell by the sleek design that their military is keeping up with making technological advancements and keeping it on a budget. It’s equipped with both guided and unguided missiles and it’s main job is to hunt down enemy tanks. Helicopters are especially effective in anti tank roles and heavy armor is basically a sitting duck against them. In addition to the various missiles, it features a reverse engineered M242 Bushmaster at the front of the aircraft

9. Bell AH-1Z Viper
Currently in use by the US Marine Corps, this helicopter features 4 blades and it features many technologically advanced upgrades since the begining of the H1 upgrade program. Recently in 2018, the Navy is even asking for 29 newly built vipers to keep on deck. Adding the extra 2 blades gave it improvements in stability, vertical rate of speed, maximum speed, payload capacity and reduced rotor vibration. The program also ensure more reliability when it came to loading ammunition faster because this thing can shoot off quite a bit. It costs 10 million dollars more than it’s competitor in China, costing 27 million to produce. Naturally, once again, other countries are attracted to our engineering success and this helicopter is in high demand from our allies, like Bahrain, South Korea, Australia and other countries around the world. It’s slim design allows for more mobility while still being able to carry nearly 6000 pounds of explosives.

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