‘Love knows no limit’: 9 quotes from Christian prodigy and philosopher Blaise Pascal

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Blaise Pascal was born on this day in 1623. Who was he?Wikimedia Commons

Today is the birthday of Blaise Pascal, a 17th century French mathematician, inventor and Catholic theologian.

Born in 1623, Pascal was a child prodigy in science and mathematics. He began inventing the calculator as a teenager, and went on to make landmark contributions to geometry, physics and probability theory.

Just as enduring are Pascal’s contributions to theology and philosophy. He identified with a Catholic movement called Jansenism that had affinities with Calvinist thinking, and after a dramatic religious experience spent some time as an ascetic.

He had sought to write an apologetic for the Christian faith – but it was never finished. Instead, his myriad reflections on God and human existence would be published as The Pensées after his death.

One of Pascal’s most famous ideas is known as ‘Pascal’s Wager’. Put simply, Pascal posited that since God

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