Logos with HIDDEN Meanings!

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Confucious once said, signs and symbols rule the world, not words or laws. If this is true we need to be aware of what some signs and symbols actually mean. Big corporations use logos as a way for people to identify their product, but could some of these symbols have ties with symbols used by secret societies. By preprograming us to these symbols will it make it easier for the new world order to take over, or is already too late. Today we’re gonna take a look at Logos with Hidden subliminal messages!

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5.United States Africa Command
Who’s got their eye of africa? The Rockefellers? The Rothschilds? The Chinese? Or are they all just gonna split it up like a piece of pie. The united states africa command or also known as Africom and it is responsible for US military operations in 53 african countries excluding Egypt. If you horizontal flip the logo you can see that the continent of africa makes up the pupil of the all seeing eye. A secret base is found in the country of Djibouti near the airport and is the only permanent US base in the continent of Africa It’s operated by the US Navy Region Europe, Africa and Southwest Asia. It’s been used to launch operations on countries such as Somalia, Yemen, and Afghanistan and was deliberately kept in the shadows of the public. It’s likely been the base for many operations in Africa as well as drone strikes that help stir up political chaos

4.The Pentagon
Many believed the 5 sides of the pentagon are said to represent the five branches of the US Military: The Army, the Navy, the Marines, The Air Force and the coast guard.. What’s also interesting about the construction of the Pentagon is that it was being built right before the pearl harbor attacks, as if the US was expecting a global conflict. Offices for the different branches were all scattered throughout Washington DC which made communication more complicated, so one large building was decided on which would be 5 sided. The total cost of the pentagon cost 83 million dollars and it was in operation only 16 months later.You have to wonder a little bit though why they decided to have the pentagon pointing to the south which would make it point downwards. We all know how upside down pentagrams are often used as a symbol of evil

3.UN Logo
The UN is known to have manyworld leaders in the same building at the same time which could ultimately be all members of the illuminati for all we know. While we’re on this topic, keep in mind that the Rockefellers and the Rothschild families, who are often associated with secret societies, donated the land in New York in order for this to be built. Why would wealthy private business families donate money and land in order for a building such as this to be constructed. Whatever way you want to think about it, their symbol appears to depict the map of how flat earth percieve the earth to actually be? Is this just some kind of creative artist perception, or could it be a symbol of what earth actually looks like, right in front of our face.

2.Pepsi Globe
This company once had President Richard Nixon as their company lawyer at one point in time and has had their obvious links to the new world order. They caused quite the stir when a communist leader was about to be elected as the president in the country of Chile, which would rid america corporations from their land. This wouldn’t work well for their investments.. In response, Richard Nixon sought a coup d’etat of the nation by trying to destabilize their government. Long story short, Nixon, the cia and some bribe money from this company got rid of their president and bottling plants and other US corporations, including pepsi got to stay! Their symbol is known as a globe and originated in the 1940’s. Could their goal be world domination? Also, if you flip the nasa logo upside down, you also notice some similarity with the geometric shape in the middle.

Before we get to our number one, can anyone tell us what this sign is and logo it looks similar too? Get the answer right first, and we’ll feature you in an upcoming video


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