John Henry Newman: 9 quotes from the saint and thinker

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John Henry Newman, who died on this day in 1890, was one of the greatest figures in English Christianity in the 19th century. He was a profound theologian and philosopher, a brilliant leader and organiser, and he left a body of work behind him that is still read and still influential today.

John Henry Newman in 1890.Wikimedia Commons

His family circumstances were not easy, but he went to Oxford as a student and became a Fellow of Oriel College, where he met the saintly John Keble. Newman’s drive and energy led to the foundation of the Oxford Movement, which recovered the High Church or Anglo-Catholic tradition in the Church of England. Newman was a magnetic preacher whose sermons in the University Church drew hundreds to hear him. He argued that the CofE was a middle way or ‘via media’ between the errors of Roman Catholicism and extreme Protestantism. The ‘Tracts

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