Jimmy Carter: I’ll travel to North Korea if I’m asked

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Former US President Jimmy Carter said he would be willing to travel to North Korea on behalf of the Trump administration to help ease rising tensions, The New York Times reported on its website on Sunday.

‘I would go, yes,’ Carter, 93, told the Times when he was asked in an interview at his ranch house in Plains, Georgia whether it was time for another diplomatic mission and whether he would do so for President Trump.

Former US President Jimmy Carter said he would go to North Korea if needed.Reuters

Carter, a Democrat who was president from 1977 to 1981, said he had spoken to Trump’s National Security Adviser Lt-Gen. HR McMaster, who is a friend, but so far has had a negative response.

‘I told him that I was available if they ever need me,’ the Times quoted Carter as saying.

Told that some in Washington were made nervous

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