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Islands NO ONE Wants To Live On

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Many of us would love the opportunity to live on our own private island, and they’re some of places to live during the zombie apocalypse. However, many islands have been cursed throughout history. And no matter how hard some people try to establish something on these islands, it always ends in failure, or simply because no one wants to buy them. FRom island that were used to test horrifying biological agents, to islands you really shouldn’t go to even for vacation, here area islands no one wants to live on.

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5.Fort carrol
If you’re looking for your own zombie apocalypse hideout, we think we found the perfect spot. Fort carrol is a seafort in shape of a hexagon that was built on a hexagonal shape. Back in 1847, the military decided they needed a fort to protect the city of baltimore in the case of a foreign invasion. When the first major global conflict broke out, the army decided they needed the guns and the military equipment here and removed them from the fort. In 1921, they formally abandoned the fort and moved the rest of the stuff to fort howard nearby. The city of Baltimore attempted to sell the island for 10,000 dollars and a man named Benjamin Eisenberg took them up on the offer. He wanted to construct a casino there but the idea never fell through.

4.Palmyra Island
Located about 1000 miles away from Hawaii, the isolation of this island isn’t the only reason why no one wants to live here! It’s one of the few true uninhabited islands in the south pacific and travelers often mention that it has a dark, cursed past. Even back during the 2nd global conflict, many submarines and ships would tend to get lost within its vicinity and that’s when they deemed it as cursed. A grisly homicide took place here in the 1970’s and a woman named Elenor Graham’s skull and remains found on the beach. The couple had been exploring the pacific on their yacht when they encountered another couple named walker and stearns. The remains of her husband were never found. Forensic analysis of Elenor would prove that horrible things happened to her. Some believe the husband commited the crime and disappeared while the walker was convicted and proclaims his innocence. You can read more about this case in the book titled “and the sea will tell”. There’s also a docu drama on youtube if you don’t like to read.

3.Isola La Gailo
This seemingly beautiful island is found in the gulf of Naples in the Mediterranean sea and despite it being pretty to look at, it seems like the island cursed. People have tried to live here since roman times but eventually served as a defensive island to protect naples from invaders. It recent a bad reputation since the 19th century, when it was said that a hermit wizard lived there and constructed the abandoned villa that you still see today. Since 1920, everyone else who’s lived there has received a terrible fate not too long after. One of the first who tried to live there was Hans Braun from Switzerland who became the victim of a horrible crime and was found wrapped up in a rug. His wife had also drowned in the surrounding sea. After much horrible stuff happened here that we can’t get into, the island was eventually deemed as property of the government of the Campania region which will prevent anyone else moving in.

2.Charles Island Connecticut
This island has been cursed many times in the past and you probably would get an eery feeling if you stepped foot here to this day. Located off the coast of Connecticut is this 14 acre island which would seemingly be a great place for a summer home or something. The island was considered to be a sacred location by local tribes and they put a curse on it as settlers began to show up back in 1639. Perhaps coincidentally or supernaturally, any tobacco plantations on the island failed to grow. Not long after, another curse would be placed on the island by a legendary pirate named Captain kid. It’s rumored that he buried his treasure on the island and that anyone who steps foot here will be struck succumb a quick expiration. In any case, some people refused to believe in the curse buy any business that got started here ended in failure.


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