Is the Body of Christ the Church, and is the Bride of Christ also the Body of Christ?

Commentary By:  Gordon King

I very recently had a comment posted that told me I was wrong in believing that the bride of Christ is the same as the body of Christ, that the two are in fact not the same.  Have I been corrected?  What is the truth?  I have never before heard this and it has stroked my curiosity.  I asked this believer to please give me scripture to back up what he is telling me, however, I have not heard back from him at this point in time.  Aren’t we all seeking the truth?

This is a short study that I have done so that I may find the truth, so that I may share with others just what God tells us is the truth regarding the body of Christ, the church, and the Bride of Christ.

You can believe what I believe which is taken

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