Is Christianity a middle-class pursuit? Why we need a ‘church for the poor’

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Joshua Davis/Unsplash

Being invited to dinner at someone’s house used to cause me great anxiety. Prior to becoming a Christian, I had never experienced different types of food being served in separate dishes. ‘After you’, my host would kindly say. Inside, I would panic. What if you were supposed to put the food on your plate in a specific order? How much were you supposed to take? I would insist the host went first, hoping that I would be able to copy them. But nice, polite middle class Christians in Britain would always insist the guest went first.

Christianity is not a middle class pursuit. It never has been, and never should be. It is supposed to be good news for the poor, in particular. Yet for many people like me, who grew up in a working class home, living in relative poverty – stepping into church in Britain can

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