Iraqi officials say ISIS militants used church as a site to rape and imprison up to 200 women and girls

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A Yazidi refugee in Iraqi Kurdistan.Reuters

Islamic State militants used one of northern Iraq’s largest Christian sites to imprison and abuse as many as 200 Yazidi girls and women as sex slaves, an Iraqi military official has said.

Fox News’ Holly McKay has reported that barbaric ISIS militants had used the Syrian Orthodox Church of St. Ephraim in eastern Mosul to not only store documents from the different departments within the extremist organization but to also hold and abuse innocent Yazidi women and children.

McKay, who visited what was once one of the largest churches in Mosul, explained that even though the church had been liberated months ago by Iraqi-led coalition forces in their effort to retake Iraq’s second-largest city, there still remains the evidence of the Yazidi girls’ captivity inside the house of worship.

McKay wrote that she found pieces of pink and yellow underwear and flower headbands that once

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